October Birthstone: Opal – Color, Chakra and Zodiac Sign

October is the month that most strongly defines autumn. It is the month before the significant mainstream celebrations come and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begin.

The Opal is the birthstone for those who were born in October. It is a stone of good karma, higher enlightenment, and many chakra healing energies. It gives off very positive vibrations to the wearer, and it has much ancient folklore and legend associated with it.

The Opal comes in a rainbow of colors. If you were born in October, your birthstone is the protective, lucky, and treasured Opal.

What is the Spiritual Significance of October?

The month of October brings many beautiful surprises, as it can be unseasonably warm or feel like we are into deep autumn with all of its usual pop of color and festiveness. A gorgeous fall color palette paints the leaves that gently fall to the ground, creating a scene full of splendor and beauty before the coming winter months.

The Opal is the birthstone for October. It is associated with hope and divine purity. It is a stone that enhances the mood of the wearer. It is the gemstone of the 14th marriage anniversary. It has long been revered as being a stone for luck and magic. IT can promote creativity and self-expression in the wearer, and it is a symbol of hope and truth.

What is the Significance of the Color Opal?

The Opal is a fascinating stone with many unique qualities. It comes in a wide array of colors in one gemstone. If your Opal has a dominant color, it can be linked to healing in a specific chakra. The common opal stone has the overall semblance of the pearl but with a kaleidoscope of radical colors like:

  • Orange
  •  Yellow
  •  Magenta
  • Olive
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Red

The Opal can also have black in it. It is a multi-colored stone with a lovely sheer appearance. Its unique display of colors in one stone makes it one of a kind. The most common kind of Opal has a white base with bright rainbow colors.

Black Opal is the most valuable Opal available due to its dark, mysterious hue and the uniqueness of the stone. They are incredibly rare, which is part of their appeal. Black opals are also rather fetching when worn as jewelry, be it a necklace, bracelet, or ring.

What is the Folklore Surrounding the Opal?

There are a couple of stories surrounding the Opal. According to an ancient Australian myth, two soldiers who ran out of weapons were throwing stones at each other, and one threw a stone at the other so hard that it got stuck in the sky. It got bigger and formed a rainbow of colors.

The opal spirit saw what the war had done, and tears fell from the sky like rain. After the rain ended, a rainbow came through, and now, whenever a rainbow appears, it is said that a tribal law has been broken, and the opal spirit cries tears of Opal.

However, the main story about the Opal is centered around the legend of the Creator coming down from the heavens, and wherever he stepped, a stone in the color of a rainbow would form and sparkle, creating a magical path. This occurrence was believed to be where the opal stone came from. It was made from a miracle.

How Do Opals Heal Health?

Opals can help heal many ailments. It is a valuable stone that can help alleviate many types of aches and pains in the body. IT can even speed up the time for healing from surgical procedures. Some of the other diseases opals can help treat:

  • Eye or vision health
  • Detoxifying the liver
  • Lessens the pain of childbirth
  • Relieves muscle tension

Opal can also help with pain in the abdomen, improves memory, promotes optimum kidney health, and eases anxiety and panic attacks. It is a soft stone that takes on the challenging task of decreasing disease and sickness of all kinds.

How Does the Opal Heal Chakras?

Opals are not only multi-colored, but they also heal many different chakras. It is a stone of good karma and gives the wearer ultimate protection. For example, Opal with pink or green is connected to emotional healing from trauma, as it is connected to the heart chakra. Fire opals, or opals with orange, nurture the sacral chakra, which is what cultivates our passions and sexual energy.

Blue Opal helps the throat chakra, which is associated with truth and the improvement of communication. Black opals assist with the health of the root chakra, which helps us feel grounded and stable in our lives. The white Opal is linked to the nourishment of the crown chakra and is said to bring higher enlightenment to the wearer.

What is the Sign Associated with the Opal?

If the Opal is your birthstone, you are a Libra. The Libra connects with and finds spirituality in even the most minor details in life, which is similar to the Opal that is linked to all types of spiritual healing. The Libra is most concerned with their relationships and honoring their higher power. Libras also find spiritual strength in practices like yoga and meditation, and the Opal can be utilized in both instances.

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