September Birthstone: Sapphire – Color, Chakra and Zodiac Sign

The sapphire is a clarity-seeking stone that is as powerful as it is compassionate. It helps the wearer remain calm in stressful situations.

The sapphire comes in a wide variety of colors. It can help balance and clear different chakras. The blue variety of the birthstone heals the throat chakra and activates the third eye chakra. It can help you find and use your voice. The sapphire is good for higher enlightenment.

Some of the other colors of the sapphire include pink, green, orange, and violet. If your birthstone is sapphire, you have a charming and unique aura. 

What is the Spiritual Significance of Sapphire?

September is a month that follows the summer season. It is a time when the late summer merges into the fall, and things wind down and give way to a calmer, more reserved time of the year. If September is your birth month, your birthstone is the sapphire. The sapphire helps the mind stay calm and focused.

It is a stone that can significantly help with truth, clarity, and wisdom. It protects against negative and toxic energies that do not serve us and can harm us in the long run. If you feel trapped in a negative thought pattern, sapphire can help bring you out. You can use sapphire to help strengthen the mind.

The sapphire can help you find your inner light and truth and make it shine on the outside from within. It promotes clear thinking, as it banishes negativity from your life. It creates joy for the wearer and helps you to follow your dreams. In the Bible, sapphire stands for truth, honesty, and righteousness.

The mysterious powers of the sapphire make it ideal for those who want to explore deeper into their energy. This stone has been associated with faithfulness, love, and loyalty. It is also a popular stone for an engagement ring, as it can spark or kindle romance, desire, and commitment for a happy couple. Sapphire is also thought to bring peace of mind to the wearer. 

What Are the Colors of Sapphire?

The most coveted color of the sapphire is a deep blue color. The blue stone is associated with purity and love and helps with creativity and self-expression. However, there are many other colors of sapphire to choose from, all with different meanings.

The Padparadscha sapphire is a breathtaking mix of pink and orange and is quite rare. Even though blue sapphire is the most popular, this stone is precious and difficult to find. There are other sapphire colors, including:

  • Black Sapphire: brings wisdom, protection, and grounding. It helps to achieve confidence.
  • Green sapphire: stimulates the heart chakra and inspires and promotes loyalty in love
  • Indigo sapphire: assists with psychic consciousness. Removes negative energies from the aura
  • Pink sapphire: clears blockages in love chakra and promotes inner peace and harmony
  • White sapphire: serves as protection and encourages the pursuit of life purposes
  • Yellow sapphire: helps stimulate ambition and removes toxins from the body

Orange sapphire unites your creativity and sensuality. It helps create the path toward creative enlightenment. Violet sapphire helps with meditation and opens the crown chakra. 

How Does Sapphire Heal You Physically?

Sapphire helps to protect you from many ailments that can cause harm and detriment to the body. It is known to heal thyroid problems and assist with your voice and clear speaking. Blue sapphire can alleviate symptoms that occur with headaches, nosebleeds, and fevers. It helps the wearer eliminate infections and maladies of the gastrointestinal tract. 

Wearing sapphire can help improve sleep and cure insomnia. It can also help you remember your dreams. Astrologers believe blue sapphire can help you overcome paralysis, dental diseases, and asthma. It also increases bone strength. Blue sapphire gemstone is also associated with:

  • Detoxification
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Helping with eye health
  • Healing burns

Sapphire has the potential to cure blood-related disorders. The physical healing energy of this gemstone is related to the blood vessels, decreasing bleeding, healing blood clots, and improving blood flow. It promotes overall positive health energy. 

How Does Sapphire Heal Chakras?

Blue sapphire helps align chakras into perfect harmony. It assists with the throat chakra and supports a balanced state. It allows you to express yourself and summons your inner voice and your speaking voice. It helps you to express your thoughts and emotions better. Darker shades of sapphire are linked to revealing and expressing truth; lighter shades promote relaxation and flexibility.

Darker blue sapphire is associated with activating the third eye chakra. It takes you to a greater level of enlightenment, as it works on your awareness and perception. It provides the wisdom necessary to understand and draw from your higher intuition. The ability to see everything comes from recognizing the most profound truths hidden within oneself.     

Green and pink sapphire help heal the heart chakra. Green promotes faithfulness and fidelity in a romantic relationship, and pink helps with love and forgiveness and allows one to love oneself to grow and flourish. Orange sapphire heals the sacral chakra. It deepens intimacy in a relationship and balances your pleasure centers.

Yellow sapphire heals the solar plexus chakra, relates to willpower and confidence and helps you attain goals and challenges. Black sapphire heals the root chakra. It helps promote security and stability within oneself. 

What Sign is Sapphire Associated With?

The logical, practical Virgo is extremely detail oriented. Their devotion to their relationships can only be helped by the sapphire, as it is a truth-seeking stone capable of revealing higher purposes. Virgos are excellent communicators. They take in information, organize it in a clear, concise way, and deliver it honestly and accurately. Virgos are kind, gentle, and supportive. The sapphire can help bring out the best in the virtuous and honorable Virgo. The Virgo takes their relationships seriously. The sapphire is the perfect stone for the dedicated Virgo.

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