10 Popular Companies with Blue Logos

The color blue has many emotional triggers. Blue reminds us of the majestic sea, the clear and infinite sky, and all things soothing.

Some of the most famous logos are blue. United Airlines uses a blue logo because it relates to traveling the friendly blue skies. The color blue also evokes feelings of friendship and trust, as it is used in branding Facebook and the innovative cloud-based software company, Salesforce.

Blue is a favorite color for many people, as it is universally peaceful and welcoming. If you would like to discover more about the psychology of blue logos, this is the article for you.

Why Do Companies Use Blue Logos?

Blue is a very preferable color to most people. It is calming and relaxing, and it means reliability and trustworthiness. The sky and the ocean are blue. Everyone loves beautiful blue water and an open, clear blue sky. The color blue has many positive associations, and it is one of the most utilized colors for brands due to its consistency. The following includes some examples of famous blue logos:


Facebook is easily one of the most notable logos around the globe. The bright shade of blue represents feelings of trustworthiness, which is essential for Facebook as a brand. Blue can also be used to convey the bond of friendship, and that is another theme that the company wants to represent. Some of the messages related to friendship that blue represents:

  • Loyalty

  • Reliability

  • Empathy

  • Sincerity

Facebook is a platform known for bringing people together, and most people like the color blue. In the world of marketing, blue is a safe, likable choice.


IBM is best recognized for creating and selling computer hardware and software. Blue is used to market IBM because blue is very conservative as a color choice. It is associated with the following:

  • Suits

  • Ties

  • Dress pants

  • Button-down shirts

With all that business sense, the color blue calms people and makes them feel a sense of trustworthiness. The IBM logo conveys a message of power, efficiency, and dominance. The stripes represent true professionalism.

American Express

American Express uses two colors in its logo: blue and white. The intense blue shade adds confidence and trustworthiness to the logo. Some of the other feelings this logo conveys:

  • Excellence

  • Freedom

  • Optimism

  • High spirits

American Express is one of the twenty most prominent banks in the United States. The blue color is conservative and professional. The blue and white are supposed to inspire trust in the brand and prompt the customer to make an investment.


Salesforce is a company that creates cloud-based software designed to take businesses to the next level. The blue color of the Salesforce logo is meant to represent:

  • Earth

  • Water

  • Clouds

  • Sky

The Salesforce color is universal, represents a sense of trustworthiness, and conveys a welcoming, friendly environment. It symbolizes a team ready to perform together for the common good. The go-getter cloud logo means that the sky is the limit.


The youthful casual wear clothesline uses its iconic blue and white logo to attract customers. The navy blue in the design is understated and classy. The meaning behind the blue in the GAP logo:

  • Blue jeans

  • Casual

  • Stylish

  • Classy

The dark blue square with perfectly balanced font spelling the name GAP is a notable piece of fashion history. GAP is a long-standing clothing brand with a rich history. The blue square design represents safety, unity, orderliness, and stability.


One of the most recognizable logos is the Ford logo, nicknamed “the blue oval.” Ford hopes to convey trust and reliability in their brand. Some of the other messages the Ford logo is sending:

  • Strength

  • Excellence

  • Distinction

  • Grace

The white part of the lettering changed to a more modern silver color, which perfectly balances the modest blue color of the oval. The overall logo signifies the unique combination of approachability and sophistication. It is a reliable symbol in the United States.

General Electric Company

General Electric is a technology and monetary services company that creates products and services. The blue and white logo demonstrates a sense of consistency and confidence. Some of the other meanings of the blue in the logo:

  • Simplicity

  • Reliability

  • Innovation

  • Credibility

When it comes to logos, blue is associated with positive emotions. General Electric has been around for a long time, and its logo represents that. The Art Nouveau style was popular in the 19th and 20th centuries and resonated as a symbol of their continued excellence over the years.


Dove is a brand associated with cleanliness, nourishment, and good hygiene. Their products are strong enough to sanitate the body but soft enough to moisturize in equal measure. The blue color featured on their signature bar of soap means:

  • Tenderness

  • Elegance

  • Luxury

  • Purity

The combination of the blue lettering and the golden dove on the box conveys a calming and peaceful energy. It is a symbol of the care and gentleness of Dove products. The brand is truly synonymous with excellence and quality.

United Airlines

People want to do business with an airline they can trust. United Airlines is a trusted name in the industry. Their blue logo evokes a sense of calm, and the color reminds customers of the clear blue skies. Some of the emotions United Airlines conveys in its logo:

  • Trustworthiness

  • Comfort

  • Security

  • Relaxation

The bright blue and white logo is known for its depiction of the globe, as the company aims to reflect its power and position in the global market. Their logo is immediately recognizable to anyone who fancies themselves a traveler of the friendly skies.


Lowe’s is one of the most famous home improvement stores in the United States. The company takes the term “blue collar” to another level with its famous blue logo. Some of the descriptions triggered by the logo:

  • Hard-working

  • Dependable

  • Sensible

  • Stable

The above words make you feel good about purchasing your home appliances from a company like Lowe’s. Blue is the perfect color for inspiring trust and loyalty, which are the feelings Lowe’s inspires in their customers.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason why the color blue is so popular. It is a color that evokes so many positive emotions, including trust, reliability, security, and a sense of calm.

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