20+ Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Your Home

If the exterior of your home is looking a little tired and in need of a facelift, we have some great color ideas to help you refresh it.

Whether you’re thinking about painting the whole house or just one room, we have some tips for choosing an exterior paint color that will look great for years to come.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what kind of mood you want to create with your new paint job. Do you want something fresh and vibrant, or do you prefer something more calming? There are so many different types of exterior paints available today that there’s no reason not to choose the one that best matches your personality!

Next up, think about what kind of weather conditions can be expected where you live. If it rains often or snows heavily in the winter months, consider going with a darker hue or even black if possible—this will help hide any dirt or grime that accumulates during these seasons. But if winters are dry and milder temperatures prevail then lighter colors are ideal since they reflect light better than dark colors do.

Finally, keep in mind that most experts agree that white is the best color for exterior paint because it reflects light so well. This helps keep your home cooler in the summer months and warmer in wintertime—saving you money on heating and cooling bills!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite exterior paint colors below. Whether you choose one of these or go with something else entirely, we hope this guide helps get your creative juices flowing!

1. Black Exterior House Paint Color


Not a lot of people would dare to go all black. Would you? This cool and modern way of coloring your home is going to attract a lot of looks and attention. If you’re someone who likes a mix of traditional and modern – this duo is it!

2. White Exterior House Paint Color


This white wall has some romantic elements to it and is also the perfect color and style for those who want that Parisian-like feel. When it comes to the wall itself, pair it with a pop of greenery (plants and flowers), but also add stylish windows and a cool fence in a bright color to get this exact same outcome.

3. Dark Blue Exterior House Paint Color


The dark blue exterior color is for those who like darker and more mysterious shades. This wall design will look perfect for most mature couples and grown-ups who are looking for a shade that can describe their calm state of mind. It is also very traditional.

4. Yellow Exterior House Paint Color


Go for this bright yellow shade and match it with white detail. People who prefer bright, open, and airy spaces will enjoy this wall exterior design the most. In the end, this home is going to suit younger generations and trendy couples who are all about peaceful and calming designs.

5. Multi-colored Exterior House Paint Color


Multi-colored and so chic, don’t you agree?! This house has several different coats of paint, making it a unique and trendy solution. It is quite big and truly different, allowing you a lot of touch-ups and space for playing and experimenting. If you’re an artsy soul, this is going to suit you so well.

6. Light Black Exterior House Paint Color


Light black (or almost blue) depending on how you look at it, this home has it all! Big and giant windows done in white, with a darker base will truly complement one another. If you’re someone who likes open spaces and you know how to mix and match colors + you want to get that secretive vibe to your home, this will suit you.

7. Nude Exterior House Paint Color


Nude or white walls with this beige color hue are a must-do for men and women who love posh exteriors. All of us can agree that this home looks very elegant, right? Well, if you’re someone who enjoys big and open spaces + you want to attract a ton of lighting at your home, this color concept will suit you.

8. Light Grey Exterior House Paint Color


The light grey shade is not as high-maintenance as white. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to color your home frequently and you want a durable shade – this one is the one! Grey will make you look like a minimalist, perfect for most people who love simplicity.

9. White And Black Exterior House Paint Color


White and black can look good when paired together. If your chosen painter is skilled when it comes to combing different elements together, why not give it a go with this creation? The end result is very cozy and homey-looking, ideal for those who love traditional and big bright open spaces!

10. Traditional White Exterior House Paint Color


White walls and beige bricks can look good when paired together. This big house is on the high-maintenance level, which is why you should know that white is the most affordable shade that you can opt for. If you’re someone who likes big and open spaces + you think that sometimes less is truly more, this will suit you.

11. Light Grey Exterior House Paint Color


Combine light grey with white and show off the seamless color combo if you’re someone who enjoys simplicity. This home will take you not as much time to cover from head to toe, which is why it is the perfect DIY project for most people! If you enjoy experimenting and doing things on your own, this is the right time to give it a go.

12. Traditional White Exterior House Paint Color


Traditional homes have been getting quite a lot of recognition lately. They are slowly but surely coming back in fashion, making them an attractive solution for most young couples who want to have their own take on different color schemes, yet can’t go wrong with what they chose.

13. Cool Black Exterior House Paint Color


Black and brown can look so good when paired together, don’t you agree?! This home is quite big and has a gorgeous front lawn that your neighbors will be jealous of. If you’re someone who likes pairing several different tones altogether, this is it!

14. Modern Beige Exterior House Paint Color


Modern homes can be a challenge for a lot of people due to their type of construction, as well as the overall look that you’re trying to achieve. If you’re someone who loves open spaces and elegance, this mansion will suit you! Just know that you can never go wrong with beige and brown shades as that luxurious choice.

15. Dark Green Exterior House Paint Color Idea


This dark green hue and this gorgeous shade is for those who enjoy traditional colors, yet want a dominant choice that not that many people would dare to go for. If you enjoy mystical dark shades and you’re all about setting the tone in the picture you can own way, this beauty is the one!

16. Traditional Green Exterior House Paint Color


This shade of green is for those who love mystical and mesmerizing looks, as well as traditional builds. If you plan on giving this shade a go and you’re all about artsy looks + durability and longevity, this home has it all.

17. Light Blue Exterior House Paint Color


Light blue exterior walls with golden hues and additions are going to look very trendy, and almost Disney-like. Are you someone who loves to stand out and look different when compared to the people around you? This home is going to look like a first-class beauty among many, many people.

18. Simple Blue Exterior House Paint Color


Even one-floor homes and constructions such as this one can look trendy! If you’re a fan of modern ideas and paint options that not that many people can have or recreate – this beauty is for you. Show it off knowing that you’re going to be one of a few with something similar.

19. Dark Brown Exterior House Paint Color


So cute, cool, and cozy, this dark-colored house with black and brown elements is a must-try by anyone who enjoys classics. If you’re a fan of elegant and true American homes, this beauty is the right one for you! Opt for cool and asymmetrical windows in black to round up this stylish concept.

20. Black & Grey Exterior House Paint Color


This is a traditional home, often seen as something so cozy and practical, often picked by more traditional and mature couples. Light grey and dark grey can work and look so good when combined. If you’re someone who lives for cute and practical designs, this one is filled with all of it!

21. White And Black Duo Exterior House Paint Color


You can make your home a happy place and a true oasis! If you like cute creations and you fancy romantic looks – this is your next must-do renovation. Going for black and white in the middle of all of these green elements will make your home a cozy and romantic destination. Finish off the vibe with some lanterns or accessories that will compliment your vision.

22. Matte Black Exterior House Paint Color


Lastly, why not go all-out with this matte black concept? This home just goes to show you that you can rock and enjoy a fierce style but under your own terms! No reason to be afraid of the black shade since this design is all about innovation and modernism, don’t you agree?

Time To Paint!
Want to do your slight exterior renovations? Not too sure which shade to go for and stick with? If so, consider some of these options. The truth is that they’re going to look so good and well done when executed the right way. Time to paint away and have fun!

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