What Does Your Bra Color Say About You?

The colors we choose to wear express more than just our personal sense of style! Those colors we flaunt, often instinctively, delve deeper; they say a lot about our personalities. We pick those bra colors as they speak to our souls. With each color representing different personal attributes, we have the chance to tell our story without ever saying a word.

Red Bra

You love the classically sexy style! Your selection shows how passionate you are about life and everything you do. With choosing one of the most dominant colors, you always take life by the horns and go after what you want. Whether you’re advancing in your career or achieving one of your many goals, you are a successful and confident lady. You always stand out in a world of other colors as the strongest.

According to brasize.org, red bra is associated with both desire and sexuality! People desire your attention – whether that’s in a romantic fashion or even a platonic sense; people admire you. With a sophisticated flare about you, there’s no doubt that your love life is also filled with passion and aggression. There’s just something vibrant and alluring about you!

Pink Bra

As a more tender and feminine choice, pink bras are associated with the more gentler side of life. Instead of aggressive and dominant tendencies, you have a calm about you that makes others feel safe. Your maternal instincts are strong – even if you don’t have children. You just have that air of care surrounding you that creates meaningful relationships with everyone you meet. Instead of having those steamy sessions, you opt for a truly intimate and loving experience with your partner – something tender and deep that the two of you will share forever.

Pink also emanates a serious sense of hope. Sometimes the world around us gets tough, but not for you. You are a never-ending supply of optimism that is reflected in everything you do. From helping others stay sane to maintaining your own inner peace, you are a truly a gift to this world. Your personality shines brighter than the sun and lets everyone know that everything really will be okay. Shine on, beautiful soul.

Yellow Bra

You have such a bright and sunshiny personality! Yellow is considered the happiest color, and you just exude that happiness from within. Those around you thrive on the cheerfulness and positive energy that radiates from that sparkling attitude. You have an amazing ability to form very strong emotional bonds with those you love. Romantically speaking, there’s no doubt that your sexual energy is filled with pure enjoyment and overwhelming passion.

This beautiful color that you’ve chosen also demonstrates creativity. You have a natural ability to solve problems logically and use your heart to create things around you. Whether you’re spending the day at the office or lounging around the house, you beautify the world with your creative spirit!

Beige/Gold Bra

You have a very traditional type of personality, and that’s a good thing! There is comfort in familiarity, and you don’t need anything flashy to feel at ease. Take pride in knowing that you don’t need to follow trends – you ARE the trend! It doesn’t matter what you’re doing day-to-day as you know exactly where you want to be.

Beige represents a solid foundation and strong structure, and you carry this in every aspect of your life. Your work is always thorough, and your coworkers rely on you to keep the grind moving. At home, your family sees you as a positive and confident woman with a clear plan for life. Your romantic relationships aren’t spontaneous; instead, they are formed slowly and logically. In turn, your sex life is extremely intimate because you’ve really taken the time to form an emotional bond.

You always have a plan for the future; keep grindin’, girl!

White Bra

White is a color associated with innocence and purity, and there’s no shortage of that in your personality. You set yourself apart from the crowd by creating your own path. As a naturally caring and nurturing super woman, those in your life look to you for the strength to be an individual. In this world full of darkness, you’re a beacon of light with your pure heart and unwavering love.

You are a very reflective soul. You know exactly how to sit back and see every situation from a clear point of view, which helps you to keep a happy aura. The color of white also indicates that you are a very organized person. You thrive on keeping things tidy and everything in its place. Fortunately, this positive trait carries over into your love life, as your partner can rejoice in knowing the relationship is clearly defined. There is no doubt that your love is a strong and pure one with a calm and content center!

Black Bra

Black is the color of mystery and elegance, and girl, you’ve got both! With that sophisticated sense of style, you always keep those around you wondering what amazing secrets you’ve got. You give just enough information to have them coming back for more. Romantically speaking, you are also sure to have passionate and fresh sexual encounters as well as steamy midnight rendezvous.

You are extremely formal and oh so elegant. There are some people in this world that just make heads turn, and you are one of those people! Your sleek and powerful prowess earns the respect of everyone you meet and everything you do. You’re climbing your way up as you conquer both the business world and your personal life. Keep that confidence high and that head higher!

So, the next time you choose a bra, think about the color and what it says about you. Each hue is a piece of your personal story, silently speaking volumes about your unique self.

Bojana Radovanovic
Bojana Radovanovic
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