Biblical Colors: A Revelation of Hidden Meanings and Messages

In this world, we have the golden yellow sun, the deep blue sky, the rainbow colors, and many other forms of beauty to observe. God gives us an abundance of riches in color and light.

Various colors in the Bible have different meanings. The color green represents rebirth and fruitfulness, as God gave Adam and Eve many green plants to eat and a brand-new world to experience. The color red symbolizes the blood sacrifice of our savior, Jesus.

The color purple represents royalty, wealth, compassion, and bravery. You may find this article enlightening if you want to discover the biblical meaning of colors.

The Color Gold

The meaning of gold in the Bible is high -value. Gold represents the love we get from God because God’s love is more valuable than gold. The value of his love is more precious than anything. In ancient times, royalty was adorned with gold to signify their status. God created gold to have much worth. It does not rust or tarnishes. Gold is valued for its:

  • Gorgeous and glistening color
  • Relative scarcity and finite supply
  • One of the oldest forms of wealth
  • It is commonly accepted as money

Gold also lasts forever. Gold was available in abundance to Adam and Eve. The first time gold is mentioned in scripture is in Genesis 2:11 KJV. In the Bible, gold is mentioned 417 times. In Christianity, gold is often used to demonstrate that something else is more significant. It serves as a metaphor for God’s love for us.

The Color Red

The principal significance of the color red in the Bible is blood. The blood of Christ is necessary for the ultimate redemption of man. Jesus paid the price for our salvation with his blood. Sin often refers to the color scarlet, a darker red shade. Our sins are absolved through the blood of Christ. Red symbolizes:

  • Atonement
  • Sacrifice
  • Life
  • Death

In the book of Exodus, Moses parting the red sea is one of the most amazing miracles in the Bible. When the Israelites were escaping slavery, the sea was a barrier between them and the army after them. God commanded that Moses part the red sea, and he cleared a path for the Israelites to move toward freedom.

The Color Blue

Blue in the Bible represents the heavens. The beautiful blue sapphire makes a few appearances in the Bible. In Exodus, Jesus is depicted standing on a pavement of sapphires as if the heavens were beneath his feet. Blue is the color of the the skies, which are infinite, like the heavens. Some of the places the color blue is mentioned:

  • Exodus
  • Numbers
  • Ezekiel
  • Luke

The color blue denotes the Holy Spirit and truth. In the book of Luke, a woman had been bleeding for twelve years and could not find a cure. However, when she touched the hem of Jesus’s clothes, she was instantly healed. The hem of his clothes was blue. Therefore, blue signifies the healing power of God.

The Color Green

Green symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Easter occurs in springtime as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, one of the primary meanings of the color green in the Bible is everlasting life. Green is often mentioned in scripture, usually in reference to vegetation. Some other meanings of green in the Bible:

  • Growth
  • Immortality
  • New beginnings
  • Fruitfulness

Green is the first color revealed in the book of Genesis when God first interacts with Adam and Eve, as he informs them that every green plant is given to them for food. Green is used to describe the health of the leaves and the trees. Elegant green emeralds were also used to adorn Lucifer when he was created.

The Color Purple

In ancient times, purple dye was expensive. Only the wealthiest people could afford to purchase clothes made from purple. Therefore, purple in the Bible represents royalty. It is seen as a color of wealth and nobility. Some of the associations with the color purple:

  • Wisdom
  • Bravery
  • Spirituality
  • Compassion

In the gospels of Mark and John, we learn that the robe that Pontius Pilate’s soldiers placed on Jesus to mock him was purple. They had also placed on him the crown of thorns. Since purple was seen as a royal color, the soldiers put this color robe on him to make fun of Jesus’s status as king. Interestingly, Matthew claims the robe to be scarlet.

The Color Black

The color black in the Bible symbolizes suffering and death. Since God is light, and the color black lacks any lightness or brightness, it is seen as the color that best represents darkness. Satan fell from God, but he was first an angel of light. When he sinned, he was no longer cast in God’s light. Some of the other meanings of the color black:

  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Power
  • Evil

The color black has also been used to represent mourning, as we wear black to funerals. Conversely, white is seen as the opposite. The Bible is clear about its condemnation of occult practices. It is because of the darkness and pain that it brings it is best represented by the color black. Black evokes dark images in Christianity.

Final Thoughts
The Bible demonstrates its rich color symbolism through its unique associations with various colors. Next time you read the Bible, take note of the colors God wants you to see.

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