What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

Dying the hair is a very common practice, especially among women, although men use it as well, which makes us look more beautiful, young, or enhances our beauty traits. But if we are to look at the available color shades for hair dye, we can notice that we have plenty of options to choose from.

So which is the best color for hair dying? Well, it isn’t a general rule, because it is more about your personality and the colors you really feel attracted too.

When you look on a shelf with hair colors, you might feel attracted to some shades, depending on your personality. So let’s take a closer look to this matter.

Besides the meaning of the color, you should also look for it to match your skin tone and eye color. Why? Because a hair color should complete your appearance, not look out of the scene. So, considering this, probably the luckiest are the people who have blue eyes. The blue eye color goes well with a large range of hair colors, from black, to chocolate, red, copper, even blonde.

The next step is to find one that suits your skin tone. If you have a very fair skin tone, try to avoid plain black, as it may enhance the paleness of your skin, due to the very high contract.

If you like darker colors, you can opt for chocolate browns, dark cherry or even dark violets. If you have freckles or a brownish skin tone, go for natural browns, coppers, honey and caramel shades, or blondes. A pinkish skin tone will look great with red colors.

Also, green eyes go amazing with ruby reds and copper shades. But it really up to you to fit the hair color with the eye, and skin tone as well. Darker eyes and a darker skin complex go great with black, darker browns, dark violets and reds.

You can try lighter colors, like café au lait, caramel or honey shades, but it depends very much on your skin tone and the dark complex you have. You don’t want to create a very large discrepancy between your face and the hair color.

Now that we have covered some details about hair colors, let’s see what the colors mean. Yellow, or blonde, are usually chosen by happy and very communicative persons. Introvert and shy persons will never choose this color.

A person that is drawn to dye the hair blonde like to be in the middle of attention, like to connect with people and communicate all the time. Red colors are often chosen by people with an enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence.

It is a color that stands out in the crowd, so the person who wear them wants to make a statement. It is also a color full of love and warmth, so those people really like to be appreciated and loved, offering these feelings in their turn as well. The persons who choose dark hair colors are serious, hardworking, mysterious, reliable, or even shy. Some studies even show that women with dark hair have higher changes of getting married faster, just because of the reliability the dark colors is given. Of course, this is not a certitude, so drying your hair darker does not guarantee you are going to get married soon.

Depending on their personality and special traits, people will choose the shades of these main colors, when dying the hair. So if you like reddish shades, but don’t necessarily want to stand out in the crowd, you might want to opt for darker tones, or even mere reflections. It goes the same with the other colors. But if you want to create a spectacular effect, make sure your natural traits match with the hair color.

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