The Different Colors of Ghost Orbs and Their Meanings

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Ghost orbs come in all different colors, sizes and shapes. They are often seen from the corner of the eye, in photographs or when it is dark. Ghost orbs can be a variety of things including residual, elemental, earth or human energy, negative manifestations or entities, spirits, angels and ghosts. Although orbs are different than a human aura, a person can give off an orb under the right circumstances. Paranormal circles often debate the phenomena of orbs. Some individuals believe a ghost orb is an indication there is a spirit nearby.

Orbs are frequently photographed or seen when paranormal activity has taken place. Ghost orbs are extremely common in paranormal videos and photography. Orbs can appear for numerous reasons including the coloring of the lens of the camera, reflective surfaces, rain, bugs, dust and water spots. These reflections can cause the appearance of a ghost orb. The possibility there are orbs with a paranormal nature definitely exists. This is especially true if the orb is seen through the naked eye. Many of these orbs have unusual travel patterns and their own source of light. The different types of ghost orbs include:


This is very different from gray energy. This orb has a white and shiny outline. This symbolizes congratulations, courage and strength. You may see this orb as congratulations for an important accomplishment.

Bright White

This orb is a suggestion divine energy is following you or on your side. This is believed to be energy sent from the heavens when you are sad, grieving, worried or scared. Numerous experts believe this light is sent by God when it is needed the most.


Shiny white surrounding gold energy means something wonderful is headed in your direction or you are receiving a reward. This may signify stability and prosperity.

Bright Yellow

This orb contains a lot of energy. This type of ghost orb is sent to energize your aura or provide you mind and body with strength. If the orb is almost neon and very bright it means you require replenishment.

Solid Black

If the orb is solid black but lacking any glow, this is the manifestation of a negative entity. If this orb is being given off by a person, they are either having negative thoughts or plan to take action regarding something negative.

Bright Orange

This is an indication that a protective and good spirit is close. The spirit may be there to provide protection or because they have befriended your spirit and wish to visit. A bright orange ghost orb is never a reason for concern since these are the good spirits.


There are two different meanings for a burgundy orb. Either greed is close or prosperity is coming. This type of orb is often given by a materialistic individual or spirit. If not, the orb will probably pop.


Gray orbs are residual energy from nearly anything. This includes trails left behind by an entity, animals and people. This is nothing more than dead energy with absolutely no purpose.


When you see an indigo orb, you are being protected by numerous warrior guardians. This is different than a guardian angel. These angels are not human and only come when their protection is required. They can stop the occurrence of a negative event.

Bright Red

You will most likely see this orb when your energy requires cleansing or when you are low on energy. If you need protection, this ghost orb will pop. Bright red orbs are referred to as the light of the warrior because they will guard you when you are weak or scared.

Bright Green

If you need healing, this orb will pop. Green is the color of medicinal orbs. You may see one of these orbs if you are mentally or physically unwell.

Bright Blue

This orb is a type of healing energy. The orb will focus on cleansing your soul or improving your mental state. Bright blue orbs are energizing and refreshing.

Hot Pink or Fuchsia

You will see this orb bouncing around when love is near, you are falling in love or already in love. This orb will strengthen your hope, confidence and soul.

Deep Purple

This ghost orb denotes loyalty. Seeing one means someone loves you very much, cares a lot about you or is thinking of you from far away.

This orb means guidance will be provided from an authority figure close to your location. This may be a spirit guide or an angel.

Sky Blue

Cupids leave behind this color of energy. They are aware when you need self-assurance or love. When you are considering a new love interest, they will tell you when it is okay. They may also be there to let you know there will be an improvement in your love life.

​Light Pink

You will usually see this orb due to the residual energy of children or when a child is present. Your excitement over a new baby or pregnancy may cause this ghost orb to appear.

Violet Purple

This orb is telling you a human-angel is close. This may be a loved one coming for a visit.

Black with a Light Outline

This orb is similar in appearance to a lunar eclipse. The center is black with a white outline around the edges. This means you require psychological strength and protection.

Violet Purple with a White Outline

This ghost orb means your guardian angels are close. These non-human angels will appear when you need them the most.

Murky or Dark Orange

This is a warning orb made of pure energy. This is not typical energy, a spirit or a ghost. This manifestation is a warning about specific places you must not enter or certain events. If this is a person’s aura, your are being told whether to associate with this individual or not. This aura can also be carried by a spirit experiencing a negative turn or difficult times.

Grayish or Murky White

If the ghost orb is grayish-white or white with a murky under-tone, there are most likely ghosts or lost souls nearby. These ghosts are trying to find their way back home and believe you may be able to provide the help they require. If the orb triggers a feeling of malaise, it is because the ghost is experiencing negativity.

Dark or Murky Red

This generally indicates a bad spirit is close by or a spirit has become weak, depressed or angry. These spirits do not feel well, have bad intentions and are interested in either bringing down or terrorizing the manifestations and people around you. This includes you.

Dark or Murky Pink

These orbs will appear when you have allowed your insecurities to take over or are feeling hopeless or disconsolate regarding love.

Dark Mustard or Murky Yellow

Pay attention to this ghost orb because they appear to provide cautionary warnings. If you see this orb in a room, they are telling you not to go inside. If you see this color on a person’s aura, you need to stay clear of them.

Dark or Murky Green

This ghost orb is not always bad. This orb appears when negative energy is released by an animal or a person or when they are healing from a difficult time, an injury or an illness.

Please note that this article is for entertainment purposes only. Obs are more likely to be seen due to the camera’s flash being reflected from unfocused motes of dust, water droplets, or other particles in the air or water. In photography, this is called backscatter.