15 Grey Bedroom Ideas

The color gray has a fairly bad rep these days. It inspired murky weather, cold skies, boring days inside. However, today we’ll discover together that decorating a room in a grey theme is anything but boring. It can provide a wonderfully calm environment for a bedroom or a neutral base for a chic and sleek nook. Let’s talk about all the different ways you can use grey to decorate your bedroom.

For an elegant flower-adorned interior


The tufted headboard works beautifully with the cream-colored flowers here. The soft gray walls create a seamless flow with the long light drapes that seem to cascade down the windows. The addition of tall mirrors and a fluffy rug, and a velvet pillow add calm and depth to the room.

For a modern-rustic look


White and grey can work exquisitely well together, especially when paired with wood furniture and flooring, to create a soft, elegant, and somewhat of a modern take on a rustic bedroom.

For a play on texture


The color gray also allows for a fun play-on texture. This extravagant but playful example shows that you can layer grey textures and surfaces to create a beautiful bedroom. Gray doesn’t have to be cozy; it can also be fun! The velvet comforter and headboard is an amazing addition.

For an industrial look


Grey is the perfect color to achieve a beautiful industrial look in your home. Choose a dark grey combination to set a deep and striking mood all throughout your sleek and modern look.

For an extra touch of grey

This bedroom is designed to make you feel like you’re in your own little world, with warm hues and a soft, inviting bed and a nice grey wardrobe.

For a paneled closet


Grey paneling combines an elegant and modern feel. This is a great option if your home has dark wood flooring, as it will offer a perfect contrast with the heavy floors.

For a touch of warmth


The mix of grey and brown here creates a superbly warm feel throughout the room. The contrast between the matte and glossy textures also offers a striking diversity of textures that perfectly compliment the all-grey bed and the sleek lighting.

For an accent wall


Using grey on an accent wall is an effective way of adding depth to a room. In this example, the soft grey carpeting further accentuates an impression of depth, and the grey tufted headboard offers a nice recall of the grey. Add a dark light fixture to follow the accent wall.

For a modern take on a classic feel


This is an effective example of how gray can take a classic look to another level by making it look modern instead of outdated. The different tones of gray work together in creating different layers on the many different fabrics and textures in this room.

For a cool contrast with color


If you would rather adorn your walls with color, choose grey bedding and a grey bed frame to contrast with the striking color of your walls beautifully. This makes for a sophisticated rendition of color in your home to tone down the bright feel the green paneling offers.

For a boho-chic presence


Grey doesn’t have to be inherently modern. It can also be used to create a subtle and soft boho-chic bedroom, paired with a metal bed frame and discreet pastel accents like blue tones in rugs and fabrics.

For a sleek and elegant bedroom


Grey doesn’t have to be painted onto walls; it can also be in the form of wallpaper. Slap on some wallpaper onto your bedroom walls for an easy textured look, and compliment the sleek color by adding layers of grey, beige and black bedding. A rug underneath your bed can help visually anchor it further. Doesn’t this gray wallpaper go wonderfully well with the intricate white crown molding on the ceiling?

For a floral guest bedroom


Add a floral touch to a neutral grey palette for a perfect guest bedroom. Your guests will love staying in a lovely calming atmosphere provided by floral textures and grey walls.

For a sophisticated look


Use dark wood paneling, like Mahogany, to contrast with a deep grey color palette for your bed and textiles and achieve a sophisticated look. In addition, a grey ceiling can help weld the top and the bottom of the room together seamlessly.

For an inviting focus on the bed


Choose a great big metal bed frame with tall posts to contrast with a light grey wall tone and white bedding. The pillow arrangement in this room shows how powerful little accents can be in a room! The grey shaggy rug also compliments the overall tone of the room.

For bedrooms with a view


Lastly, adding grey to a bedroom with a view is a beautiful way of drawing the eye to the outdoors. This sumptuous sunset is highlighted by the neutral and calm tones of the bedroom and the soft fabrics of the armchair. Take into account the view when considering the color palette of a room, and opt for grey when you want to draw attention to what’s out of your window or balcony.

Grey bedrooms, a versatile choice

All in all, whether it’s used as a daring experiment in color and texture or a safe option to tone down a room, grey has many uses and can be added to a bedroom with many effects in mind. We have talked about using it to soften a bold color or to add character to a wall, or even to create a smooth flow throughout a room.

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