15 Best Watercolor Brush Pens of 2022 (Sets and Reviews)

So long as you love painting, you should beyond every ramifications have a watercolor brush pen, if not pens, be an integral part of your pen case. With it, you stand the chance of having your work smoothly blended with soluble water color ink.

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Predominantly, there are varieties of watercolor pens; ranging from prices, materials, and sizes. Be that as it may, the artist’s painting style and taste the is what determines the type of size and shape of the pen to choose.
However, we have categorized the best 15 watercolor pens available on Amazon, with each laced with their indispensable features. This way, painters wouldn’t have to rack their head for long to get the best watercolor brushes to use from the variables available.

Kuretake ZIG Brush Pens

Talk about one of the most renowned brush marker in the market today, Kuretake Zig brush pen comes up in tops. The brush is the proper impression of a perfect stroke and ultimate control. With it, you can be certain of crafting high quality precisions with excellent strokes. There are also readily blended colors with ranging shades of grey.
Kuretake marker pens comes in set of 24 odorless and xylene-free water based beautiful color pigments variations. Be it for sketching or illustrations, this is one heck of color brush artists should have in their log collections.

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Our review: Kuretake marker pens are wonderful pens. A good option for beginners and lettering as a whole. Tentatively, they really are great choices as they are very liable of providing two bright and non-toxics colors with one pen.

Arteza Real Brush Pens

Apparently, this list would be incomplete without mentioning Arteza brush pens. These set of brushes are immensely laced with finer, richer quality colors than you’d find in even some other costlier brands. The 96 value-packed color pens also contains a big touch of flexible tips, thereby making it a good recommendation for scribbling delicate watercolored effects, even without water. Also, this quality color pen gives you a high level of precision control to make craft illustrative shadings and subtle gradients alike without hassles.

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Our Our review: Arteza brush pens are more of a more saturated color with short, slow strokes producers. A perfect choice to use on watercolored paper for optimal results.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen

A set of Tombow brush pen contain 95 dual brush color, a single deck stand as well as a blender pen. This product has a blendable water based ink, devoid of acid and colors alike. It is mostly recommended for fine artists, faux calligraphers illustrators, and brush letterers.

The double pen sides contains fine brush tips which can be used for creating any kind of painting strokes and at the end, are self cleaned after every use.

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Our review: This water-based ink allows users to blend different color in variant, vibrant paintings. Overly, this brush is highly recommended for everyone practicing calligraphy brush art.

Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pen Set

Another genuine painting brush in our list is the Akashiya sai watercolor brush pen. This tool is designed in such a way that it can be used for drawing mangas, illustration, letterings, adults coloring books and Japanese calligraphy. Without mincing words, it wouldn’t be out of place to say the brush tip was crafted with one of the best craftsmen around.

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Our review: On the off chance that you desire a brush pen which can be used artistry or calligraphy, the Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush is surely your best shot.

Sakura Koi Watercolor Brush Pens

One amazing thing about these watercolor brush pens id it’d capacity to do the work of an artist brush, and perfectly too. The tip is of durable quality and can be returned easily to its normal shape. The brush has a water based solvent that facilitates smooth painting layering and any color blends with ease and effectively too.

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Our review: These Watercolor sets, sold in different packs of 12, 24, 48 as well as color theme sets are water-based markers that makes use dye inks, hence prompting the likeliness of the shadings fading off later.

Decospark’s Watercolor Brush Pens

This high quality brush pen has a Decospark’s brand brush tip which can be used to craft any artistry layer strokes own to its flexibility and durability.

The 20-color set pens allows you the chance to unleash your creativity to the full. It allows you the chance to make coloring shades to craft any of your desired sheds.

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Our review: The DecoSpark color real brush tip, as flexible as it is, allows users draw fine lines and shapes. Also, the durability is quite another consideration to check out for.

Watercolor Pens by Genuine Crafts

This 20 color set pen contains assorted water-based colors which can be refilled if expended. It also has a flexible nylon paint brush that can be used to craft fine and bold strokes with s too of the brush.

This product however, is already pre-setted so there is no need to start setting them up before beginning a project. In fact, you really would feel quite comfortable using this brush as its possibilities seem to cover virtually everything needed to complete your craft.

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Our review: The Watercolor Pens by Genuine Crafts are well constructed for durability, easy usage, and quite a good tool for both novices and experts.

Wevco Watercolor Brush Pens

This watercolor brush pen package is watercolor paint professionals. These watercolor pen is usually adaptable nylon brush tip and these excellent tips encourage to draw you the flimsy, medium and strong strokes in all respects adequately.

The brush tip does not recolor while blending shading and washes clean. It keeps an even stream of paint when you are utilizing it and keeps dampness in brush tips so as to forestall dry outs. You will quickly see the adaptability of brush tips on your first stroke of paint and we prescribe this as the best brush pens for calligraphy.

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Our review: Using this blending pen brings you nothing but beautiful watercolor effects in your art. This pen contains a squishy hole and removable brush tip that refillable with water.

Watercolor Soft Flexible Brush Pens Set

This 48 one of a kind colors which permit a full rainbow of eye getting colors. Chief quality watercolor brush pen set with dynamic and strong colors that highlights easy to use. The adaptable brush tip which enables them to be utilized for slight and strong strokes.

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Our review: This Brush Pens releases quite a good quality water soluble ink which is bright and vibrant, a perfect choice for every painter.

Tropic Desire Watercolor Brush Pen Set

These watercolor brush pens are extreme watercolor markers, you will need to supplant the pens with rich shade, delicate and adaptable brush tip markers. The novices and the expert get their decision watercolor pens to draw any kind of workmanship, sketch or depictions.

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Our review: The Tropic Desire markers produce vibrant results and a great light fastness, the included travel case is quite an add-on. With a nature friendly painting tool, these watercolors are readily handy for painters on the go.

Pentel Slicci

The Pentel Slicci brushes are ones which soluble in water partially, which when painted over with water can release some ounces of color. Although much of a brush than a pen, this product is crafted in ways such that it can add colors without affecting the pen sketches and lines.

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Our review: Virtually everyone loves Pentel Slicci. For normal users, sticking with the 0.4mm version in black is very common. However, Pentel still cut the tip size almost in half and keep the smooth writing ability as if it was a pen two times its original width.

Ecoline Brush Pen

The Ecoline brush pen is likewise a bigger size brush pen. The nib of the Ecoline brush pen is entirely adaptable and delicate, implying that you can make exceptionally strong strokes easily.

Not as wide of a decision like with Tombow Dual brush pen, yet you can even now discover in excess of 50 distinct colors.

The colors are blendable and the best part is that the pens are battery-powered!
The Ecoline has an extremely wet ink stream which makes this great ombre impact as you alter the weight of your strokes.

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Reviews: This Brush Pen product line contain a total 29 color which is always with a colorless blender. Firstly, the tips of these brush-pens looks like those of markers. These brush-pen tips are flexible unlike most markers tips.

Sharpie 12-Pack Brush-Tip Permanent Markers

The Sharpie 12-Pack Brush-Tip Permanent Markers posses an excelñent grip and barrel which makes them easy and adaptable to use by beginners and experts alike.

Also, the product does comes up with different artistry style than customary Sharpies brush that allows you have an excellent control over coloring, sketches and coloring.

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Our review: This Sharpie 12-Pack Brush-Tip Permanent Markers produces bold, fine strokes and defined coloring with a single marker. The marker allows you control your line width, both thin and thick. A detailed tool for waterproof, smear as well as fade resistant.

Pentel Art Sign Pen

The Pentel Expressions Sign pen is littler size brush pen. This brush pen includes a little yet adaptable nib perfect for littler estimated calligraphy.

The nib is very responsive implying that it has a smooth progress between your thick and meager strokes – despite the fact that they are not extremely differentiating.

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Our review: The Pentel Sign pen is more of a marker than a pen, which is why it was used for signing signatures. Designed for loose, big, sweeping strokes, which allows it to tear through hundreds of signatures with consistency and ease.

Crayola Markers

The measure of the Crayola markers is vast, nonetheless, depending in transit you hold your pen you can make littler estimated calligraphy also.

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Our review: Although each Crayola markers is unique, these markers are much juicier than other art markers making it a must-have pack. The prn can also blends the best for water-based markers tentatively.

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  1. I am a M.F.A. and artist who works for a famous mouse.
    These markers are super fun. I purchased this kit on a whim. I mean…it was a lightening deal and I like to try new things.
    I must say I am impressed.
    Good pigment. Moderate blend abilities, and a charming brush tip.

    Good for a student or beginner.
    I recommend you practice with the water blends and combine these with the Arteza water color woodless pencils.

    • Tombow brush markers is a great choice. I stumbled upon this set when looking for brush markers that can be used for both coloring and calligraphy. It’s fairly reasonable, so it wasn’t difficult to purchase. I’m pleased I bought these since they’re great for the reason I had in mind.

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