What colors go well with green?

The color green exudes a natural health and balance. It is the color that we associate with a healthy earth and fresh scent. It is the grass under our feet, the leaves over our heads, the herbs in our gardens, the moss that grows on rocks. It is suggesting of nature thriving without interference.

Green is in some ways the lifeblood of the natural world. Most of the green that we see in nature is the result of chlorophyll, the chemical that allows plants to convert sunlight into the energy that it needs to survive. As such, green is the color of energy, health, and renewal.

Green is also associated with balance, such as the delicate balance that we see in nature. Inside of us, it can create a balance between the emotions of the heart and the harder thoughts of the mind, allowing us to find a true equilibrium.

Many colors complement the energy of green.


Green and red make a powerful combination as they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. While green speaks of balance, red is a primal color that reflects some of our most intense emotions. The two mix well, as green allows us to balance and utilize the intensity of red so that we can harness our strongest emotions for our own personal growth. Also note that green and red together might be hard for color blind people to distinguish.


Green and blue compliment each other perfectly, with green reflecting vitality and health, and blue tranquility and confidence. Together they imbue a strong healing force that can be used for either physical or emotional healing. Together they also support clear and calm communication as the connection between the heart and the mouth is made open.


If green is the color of natural health and growth, then orange is the color of our natural instincts. The gut reactions of our intuition can be characterized as orange. This warming color adds heat to green’s natural health that intensifies our experiences. The color orange is also linked with optimism, and an uplifting of the spirit.


While green represents the natural world, purple is the color of the spiritual world. Together the two represent a life in balance, full to the brim with all the things that it needs. Purple is also the color of energy harnessed, and can be the perfecting captain for the natural, neverending, and ever-renewing power of green.

Hailey van Braam
Hailey van Braam

Hailey graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a MA degree in Cognitive Psychology. Her main interests are biological and behavioral psychology.

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