Carolina Panthers Team Colors

Originating from Charlotte, North Carolina, the Carolina Panthers are known for their distinctive Panther Blue, Black, and Silver colors. These hues are not merely for style; they encapsulate the team’s identity, dynamism, and steadfast determination. The combination of colors is a testament to the Panthers’ agility, strength, and the cool precision they bring to each game, making them a formidable presence on the field.

Panther Blue is the signature color, standing out as a vibrant symbol of energy and excellence. Black adds a powerful and intimidating presence, mirroring the team’s fierce competitiveness. Silver complements these primary colors with a touch of elegance and resilience, encapsulating the Panthers’ dynamic and tenacious spirit.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Panther Blue #0085ca 0 133 202 100 10 0 5 PMS Process Blue C
Black #000000 0 0 0 100 40 0 100 PMS Black 6 C
Silver #bfc0bf 191 192 191 0 0 0 20 PMS 421 C

The Carolina Panthers logo is instantly recognizable, featuring a sleek panther that symbolizes strength, agility, and the fierce competitiveness of the team. The use of Panther Blue and Black in the logo reflects the team’s primary colors, conveying a sense of power and determination. The logo’s design has evolved over the years to become more streamlined and dynamic, mirroring the team’s progressive spirit and its quest for excellence. It not only represents the team on helmets and merchandise but also embodies the pride and passion of Panther fans.