Houston Texans Team Colors

In Houston, Texas, the Houston Texans command attention with their bold Deep Steel Blue and Battle Red colors. More than just a visual identity, these hues capture the essence of the team’s relentless spirit and determination, acting as a symbol of unity and pride for both players and supporters. Deep Steel Blue reflects the strength and resilience inherent in the team’s ethos, while Battle Red signifies the fierce passion and fighting spirit that the Texans bring to every game.

Deep Steel Blue and Battle Red capture the essence of the Texans’ identity, with each color reflecting a part of the team’s core values. Deep Steel Blue signifies strength and dependability, much like the unwavering spirit of Texas itself. Battle Red, on the other hand, represents courage and passion, mirroring the Texans’ fierce competitiveness on the field.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Deep Steel Blue #03202f 0 7 28 100 60 0 80 PMS 5395 C
Battle Red #a71930 163 13 45 0 100 79 20 PMS 187 C

The Houston Texans logo is a bold symbol that reflects the team’s identity and values. Featuring a stylized bull’s head that is split into two colors, Deep Steel Blue and Battle Red, it embodies Texas’ spirit and the team’s fierce competitiveness. The star in the logo pays homage to the Texas state flag, representing unity and pride. Over the years, this logo has become a symbol of strength and determination in the NFL, resonating with fans and players alike for its significant representation of Texan culture and the relentless spirit of the Houston Texans football team.