Philadelphia Eagles Team Colors

The Philadelphia Eagles, anchored in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, proudly showcase a unique color scheme of Midnight Green, Silver, and Black. This trio isn’t just about aesthetics; it deeply reflects the team’s identity and embodies the Eagles’ spirit and unwavering determination.

Midnight Green, the primary color, symbolizes depth and versatility, much like the Eagles’ play style. Silver adds a sleek and modern touch, representing the team’s innovative approach to the game. Black, though used sparingly, conveys the Eagles’ strength and resilience. Midnight Green, Silver, and Black unite to create a distinctive and lively mix, encapsulating the Philadelphia Eagles’ dedication to excellence and their storied heritage in the NFL.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Midnight Green #004c54 0 76 84 100 0 30 70 PMS 316 C
Silver #a5acaf 166 174 176 5 0 0 25 PMS 877 C Metallic
Black #000000 0 0 0 70 50 50 100 PMS Process Black C

The Philadelphia Eagles logo, featuring an eagle head, symbolizes the team’s freedom, power, and the high-flying spirit that defines their gameplay. The logo’s use of the team colors—Midnight Green, Silver, and Black—reinforces the Eagles’ identity. Over the years, the logo has undergone various changes, but the essence remains the same: showcasing the team’s resilience and competitive spirit. The current design reflects a modern, aggressive approach, encapsulating the fierce determination and the pursuit of victory that characterizes the Philadelphia Eagles.