Chicago Bears Team Colors

The Chicago Bears stand as a venerable force in the NFL, donning their distinctive Bears Blue and Bears Orange hues. These shades go beyond mere aesthetics, encapsulating the spirit and legacy of the team. From their inception, these colors have been an emblem of the Bears’ ethos and heritage.

The Bears Blue represents depth, stability, and confidence, mirroring the team’s approach to the game. Bears Orange, on the other hand, stands for energy, enthusiasm, and passion, reflecting the fiery spirit of both the team and its fan base. This vibrant color scheme instantly stands out, emblematic of the Chicago Bears’ storied tradition of toughness and perseverance.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Bears Blue #0b162a 11 22 42 100 60 0 80 PMS 5395 C
Bears Orange #c83803 200 56 3 0 75 100 0 PMS 1665 C

The Chicago Bears logo, known for its simplicity and boldness, carries a deep connection to the team’s heritage and values. The iconic “C” symbolizes not just Chicago, but also commitment and camaraderie, foundational pillars of the franchise. The use of Bears Blue and Bears Orange in the logo emphasizes the team’s identity and pride. Over the years, this logo has become a symbol of the Bears’ enduring spirit, a badge of honor for both players and fans. It stands as a constant reminder of the team’s rich history and its ongoing quest for excellence on and off the field.