Detroit Lions Team Colors

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, the Detroit Lions are unmistakably clad in Honolulu Blue and Silver, a duo that does more than just dress their uniforms and emblems. These colors weave together the essence of the Lions’ identity and their storied past. Honolulu Blue signifies a blend of commitment and vitality, and Silver introduces a sleek edge of sophistication and toughness, crafting a visual narrative that celebrates the Lions’ rich history and resilient spirit.

Honolulu Blue represents the clear skies and waters of Honolulu, reflecting a sense of optimism and calm. Silver adds a touch of resilience and strength, mirroring the industrial spirit of Detroit. Together, these colors embody the spirit of the Lions, showcasing their determination and the loyalty of their fanbase. The blend of Honolulu Blue and Silver is a testament to the team’s enduring legacy and its connection to the community it represents.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Honolulu Blue #0076b6 0 118 182 100 35 0 12 PMS 2196 C
Silver #b0b7bc 176 183 188 3 0 0 32 PMS 877 C

The Detroit Lions logo, featuring a fierce lion, symbolizes the team’s courage, strength, and competitive spirit. The use of Honolulu Blue and Silver in the logo highlights the team’s colors, with the lion ready to pounce, representing the team’s readiness and determination to face their opponents. Over the years, the logo has evolved, but its essence remains the same, reflecting the team’s rich history and the unbreakable bond with its fans. The Detroit Lions logo is a powerful emblem of the team’s identity and its relentless pursuit of victory.