New York Giants Team Colors

The New York Giants, deeply ingrained in the fabric of the New York metropolitan area, showcase their heritage with the bold colors of Dark Blue, Red, and Silver. More than just elements of their uniform, these colors serve as a vivid representation of the team’s identity and its storied past.

The Giants’ Dark Blue symbolizes depth, stability, and confidence, reflecting the team’s longstanding tradition of resilience and determination. Red adds a bold touch, representing passion, energy, and a fighting spirit. Silver acts as a neutral, balancing color that introduces a modern, sophisticated edge to the team’s identity. Dark Blue, Red, and Silver together encapsulate the essence of the New York Giants, crafting a visually impactful and emotionally resonant brand.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Dark Blue #0b2265 11 34 101 100 75 0 30 PMS 2758 C
Red #a71930 167 25 48 0 100 80 20 PMS 187 C
Silver #a5acaf 165 172 175 5 0 0 30 PMS 429 C

The New York Giants logo is an emblem of tradition and excellence in American football. The primary logo features the bold initials “NY” for New York, set in a distinct, stylized font that is instantly recognizable. The use of Dark Blue and Red in the logo mirrors the team’s primary colors, conveying a sense of power and passion. Over the years, the logo has undergone subtle changes but has always retained its classic and straightforward design, symbolizing the team’s commitment to its roots and its forward-looking vision. It’s a visual representation of the Giants’ enduring legacy and their role as a cornerstone franchise in the NFL.