Miami Dolphins Team Colors

The Miami Dolphins, from Miami Gardens, Florida, are known for their lively and unique color palette of Aqua, Orange, and Blue. This combination is not just visually striking; it embodies Miami’s coastal vibe and dynamic energy.

The Dolphins’ uniform, branding, and stadium decorations prominently feature these colors, creating a visual identity that is instantly recognizable to fans and sports enthusiasts. The combination of Aqua and Orange symbolizes a blend of aquatic grace and the warmth of the Miami sun, while the Blue accents evoke the strength and vastness of the ocean. This color palette not only distinguishes the Dolphins within the NFL but also reinforces their connection to the Miami community and its maritime heritage.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Aqua #008e97 0 142 151 100 21 42 2 PMS 321 C
Orange #f26a24 245 106 36 0 60 100 0 PMS 165 C
Blue #005778 0 87 120 100 61 35 15 PMS 7701 C

The Miami Dolphins logo is emblematic of the team’s identity, combining their iconic colors with symbols of strength and regional characteristics. The logo has undergone several revisions over the years, each time refining the dolphin imagery and the sunburst to better capture the essence of Miami and the spirit of the team. The current logo features a sleek, stylized dolphin in Aqua, leaping against a backdrop of an Orange sunburst, representing both the dynamism of the team and its deep roots in Florida’s sun-soaked culture. This imagery not only represents the team’s name but also its aspirations, the warmth of its home city, and its connections to the community and natural environment.