Cleveland Browns Team Colors

The Cleveland Browns, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, are celebrated for their unique Brown and Orange hues, complemented by White accents. This color scheme is a testament to the franchise’s storied past and deep connection with its identity and enthusiastic supporters, embodying the essence of the team’s heritage and the fervor of its fans.

The Browns’ color scheme is unique in the league, with the Brown symbolizing stability and reliability, while the Orange represents energy and enthusiasm. These colors are not just aesthetic choices; they are a representation of the team’s character and its connection to the city of Cleveland. The combination of Brown and Orange is instantly recognizable to NFL fans, embodying the grit and determination that the Browns are known for on and off the field.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Brown #311d00 49 29 0 1 33 85 94 Custom PMS
Orange #ff3c00 255 60 0 2 93 100 0 PMS 2028 C

The Cleveland Browns logo is known for its simplicity and boldness, reflecting the team’s identity through its iconic color scheme. Unlike many other NFL teams, the Browns’ helmet serves as their primary logo, symbolizing the fundamental aspects of football. This choice emphasizes the team’s focus on the sport’s basics: teamwork, perseverance, and hard work. Over the years, the logo has seen variations in design but always remains true to the Browns’ original colors of Brown and Orange. The helmet logo, devoid of flashy elements, signifies the team’s commitment to their roots and their straightforward approach to the game.