Los Angeles Rams Team Colors

The Los Angeles Rams, with a robust following and an energetic presence in the NFL, are clad in Millennium Blue and New Century Gold. Far from ordinary, these colors serve as a bold statement of the team’s essence and lineage, bridging the franchise’s storied past with its ambitious future. Millennium Blue reflects the depth and continuity of the Rams’ legacy, while New Century Gold shines a light on their ongoing quest for excellence and innovation.

Millennium Blue offers a deep, rich backdrop that signifies strength and reliability, symbolizing the steadfast spirit of the team. New Century Gold, on the other hand, shines with optimism and excellence, representing the Rams’ aspirations and achievements. These colors do more than just decorate uniforms and gear; they uplift the players and unite the fans, capturing the true spirit of the Los Angeles Rams’ rich history and forward-looking aspirations.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Millennium Blue #002244 0 21 50 100 65 0 60 PMS 282 C
New Century Gold #b3995d 134 109 75 0 29 54 50 PMS 873 C

The Los Angeles Rams logo is a powerful symbol of the team’s spirit and ambition. Featuring a modern rendition of a ram’s head with an intricate design, the logo incorporates the team’s colors, Millennium Blue and New Century Gold, to symbolize power, dynamism, and a forward-looking vision. The ram’s head is stylized to convey motion and aggression, representing the team’s fierce competitiveness on the field. This logo has evolved over the years, reflecting the franchise’s growth and its deep connection with the city of Los Angeles and its fans. It’s a visual representation of the team’s commitment to excellence and its pursuit of victory, resonating with fans and players alike.