Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Colors

From Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are instantly recognizable by their striking colors: Buccaneer Red, Pewter, and Bay Orange. This palette isn’t just visual branding; it’s a reflection of the team’s essence and its unyielding drive for excellence.

The Buccaneers’ colors are a vital part of their uniforms, merchandise, and stadium decor. Buccaneer Red stands for passion and intensity, Pewter represents strength and resilience, and Bay Orange is a nod to the bright, sunny environment of Tampa Bay. Buccaneer Red, Pewter, and Bay Orange meld together to craft a visual identity that’s as bold and fearless as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers themselves.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Buccaneer Red #d50a0a 213 10 10 10 100 100 0 PMS 186 C
Pewter #34302b 52 48 43 64 61 65 64 PMS Black 7 C
Bay Orange #ff7900 255 121 0 0 50 100 0 PMS 151 C

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo captures the essence of the team’s spirit and heritage. Featuring a skull and crossed swords, it symbolizes adventure, courage, and the pirate theme inherent to the “Buccaneers” name. The colors of the logo—Buccaneer Red, Pewter, and Bay Orange—mirror the team’s official colors, each adding to the logo’s striking appearance. Over the years, the logo has evolved but has always maintained elements that reflect the team’s identity and its connection to the Tampa Bay community.