Cincinnati Bengals Team Colors

Rooted in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Cincinnati Bengals don their vibrant Black and Orange colors with pride. This duo reflects the team’s energetic essence and fierce determination, symbolizing their relentless pursuit of victory.

Black and Orange are central to the Bengals’ identity, appearing on their uniforms, logo, and merchandise. The Black symbolizes power and intensity, embodying the team’s aggressive playing style. Orange, on the other hand, represents energy and enthusiasm, capturing the passionate spirit of the Bengals and their fans.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Black #000000 0 0 0 70 50 50 100 PMS Black C
Orange #fb4f14 211 47 30 0 85 100 0 PMS 1655 C

The Cincinnati Bengals logo, featuring a leaping tiger, is a striking symbol of agility, strength, and determination. Its bold design incorporates the team’s signature colors, Black and Orange, to convey a sense of ferocity and readiness for action. This logo has evolved over time, but always maintains the tiger theme, reflecting the team’s nickname and spirit. It’s not just a visual identifier but a badge of pride for the team and its supporters, embodying the fierce competitiveness and energy of the Bengals.