Green Bay Packers Team Colors

From the heart of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers stand proud with their iconic Dark Green and Gold. This palette does far more than define the visual brand; it encapsulates the team’s deep-rooted identity, illustrious history, and the enduring legacy in American football. Dark Green represents growth and vitality, resonating with the team’s continuous drive for success, while Gold shines as a beacon of excellence and tradition, highlighting the Packers’ storied place within the sport.

Dark Green represents the team’s strength and resilience, while Gold stands for their achievements and high standards. Together, these colors are prominently displayed in the Packers’ uniforms, merchandise, and Lambeau Field, creating a strong visual identity that resonates with fans and players alike. The combination of Dark Green and Gold is a testament to the Packers’ enduring legacy and commitment to excellence.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Dark Green #203731 32 55 49 70 40 60 60 PMS 5535 C
Gold #ffb612 255 182 18 0 25 100 0 PMS 1235 C

The Green Bay Packers logo is a timeless emblem, representing the team’s heritage and success. The iconic “G” symbolizes the team’s name, Green Bay, while the oval shape and football design reflect the sport’s essence. The logo’s Dark Green and Gold colors highlight the team’s identity and values, with green symbolizing growth and renewal, and gold representing excellence and success. This logo has remained relatively unchanged over the years, symbolizing stability and a strong connection to the team’s roots and community.