Dallas Cowboys Team Colors

The Dallas Cowboys, renowned for their striking color palette of Blue, Metallic Silver, and Royal Blue, have left a significant mark in the NFL. These colors not only symbolize the team’s identity but also stand out on the field, making the Cowboys one of the most recognizable teams in the league.

The choice of Blue represents loyalty and trust, traits that the Cowboys strive to embody both on and off the field. Metallic Silver adds a modern, sleek touch, reflecting the team’s innovative spirit and forward-thinking approach. Royal Blue, a deeper and more intense shade, echoes the team’s commitment to excellence and determination. These colors illustrate the Cowboys’ rich legacy and their pursuit of success in the fiercely competitive world of professional football.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Blue #002244 0 34 68 100 80 40 60 PMS 282 C
Metallic Silver #869397 134 147 151 55 38 38 0 PMS 8240 C Metallic
Royal Blue #00338d 0 51 141 100 85 15 5 PMS 661 C

The Dallas Cowboys logo, with its simple yet bold star design, is a powerful symbol of the team. This star represents excellence, quality, and a striving for victory, mirroring the values of the state of Texas, known as the “Lone Star State.” The logo’s clean lines and uncluttered design reflect the team’s focus on performance and achievement. Over the years, this star logo has become an emblem of the Cowboys’ enduring spirit and their commitment to their fans and the game of football.