Tennessee Titans Team Colors

The Tennessee Titans, with their eye-catching and robust color scheme, feature Navy, Titans Blue, Red, and Silver. This vibrant mix does more than just set the team’s visual identity; it encapsulates the franchise’s strength, dynamism, and spirited essence.

Navy and Titans Blue dominate the team’s uniforms, symbolizing depth and reliability, while Red adds a vibrant contrast, symbolizing passion and intensity. Silver provides a sleek, modern finish, representing sophistication and a futuristic approach. Each hue contributes to a narrative of strength, energy, and resilience, mirroring the team’s ethos and their relentless pursuit of victory, perfectly encapsulating the spirited essence of the Titans.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Navy #002244 0 21 50 100 65 0 60 PMS 282 C
Titans Blue #4b92db 68 149 210 70 30 0 0 PMS 279 C
Red #c60c30 213 10 10 10 100 100 0 PMS 186 C
Silver #a5acaf 191 192 191 5 0 0 25 PMS 877 C Metallic

The Tennessee Titans logo, featuring a circle of stars reminiscent of the Tennessee state flag surrounding a “T” with flames that mimic a comet, represents speed, strength, and the spirit of the team. The primary colors of the logo – Navy, Titans Blue, Red, and Silver – are boldly utilized, reinforcing the team’s identity. The flames suggest the team’s burning passion and relentless drive, while the stars pay homage to the state’s heritage. Over the years, this logo has become a symbol of the Titans’ resilience and competitive spirit, embodying the team’s ethos and its connection with fans.