Denver Broncos Team Colors

From Denver, Colorado, the Denver Broncos captivate with their vivid Orange and deep Broncos Navy Blue. These colors do more than mark the team’s identity; they pulse with the Broncos’ vitality and the enduring enthusiasm of their fans. The bright Orange mirrors the team’s spirited performance, while the Navy Blue stands for resilience, anchoring the team’s and its supporters’ shared spirit of perseverance and strength.

The choice of Orange and Broncos Navy Blue serves as a visual representation of the team’s energy and resilience. The Orange is vibrant and bold, symbolizing enthusiasm and excitement, while the Broncos Navy Blue conveys strength, reliability, and tradition. These colors stand as a defining feature of the Denver Broncos, vividly represented on their uniforms, a wide range of merchandise, and all around Empower Field at Mile High.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Orange #fb4f14 255 82 0 100 72 0 64 PMS 1655 C
Broncos Navy Blue #002244 0 35 76 0 82 100 0 PMS 289 C

The Denver Broncos logo is iconic, encapsulating the team’s fearless spirit and heritage. Featuring a sleek, stylized horse’s head with a mane that seems to be blown back by the wind, it symbolizes speed, power, and agility. The use of the team’s official colors, Orange and Broncos Navy Blue, in the logo highlights the team’s identity and the vibrancy of its character. Over the years, the logo has undergone several refinements, each enhancing its visual impact and solidifying the Broncos’ brand in the hearts of its fans. The current logo reflects a modern, forward-looking franchise that honors its past while looking confidently to the future.