Atlanta Braves Team Colors

The Atlanta Braves, a venerable Major League Baseball team, are distinguished by their colors: Navy Blue, Scarlet Red, and Gold. These hues not only set their uniforms apart but also reflect the team’s identity and its longstanding heritage in the sport.

Navy Blue and Scarlet Red serve as the primary colors for the Atlanta Braves, symbolizing the team’s depth, passion, and enduring spirit. Gold accents are used to highlight the Braves’ longstanding tradition of excellence and commitment to high standards. This combination of colors is visible not only in their game day attire but also across various fan merchandise, promotional materials, and even the team’s digital platforms, making the Braves’ branding one of the most recognizable in the sport.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Navy Blue #13274f 19 37 79 100 57 0 40 PMS 200 C
Scarlet Red #ce1141 206 17 65 0 100 65 15 PMS 295 C
Gold #eaaa00 234 170 0 0 28 100 7 PMS 124 C

The Atlanta Braves logo, featuring a stylized “A” within a tomahawk design, captures the essence of the team’s heritage and fighting spirit. The use of Navy Blue and Scarlet Red in the logo emphasizes strength and passion, while the tomahawk itself is a nod to Native American culture, reflecting the team’s name and historical roots. The Braves logo has evolved subtly over the years, maintaining its iconic elements while adapting modern design trends to stay fresh and relevant.

The Braves’ logos are celebrated symbols in Major League Baseball, encapsulating the team’s bold approach and competitive spirit which resonates deeply with their fans.