Baltimore Orioles Team Colors

The Baltimore Orioles, based in Baltimore, Maryland, sport distinctive black, orange, and grey uniforms. These colors not only stand out visually but also symbolize the team’s dynamic spirit and competitive edge.

Black and Orange, as the primary colors, dominate the Orioles’ uniforms and logos, resonating with the bird after which the team is named—the Oriole. The Black represents power and elegance, while the bright Orange stands for energy and enthusiasm, both crucial qualities on the baseball field. Grey serves as a balancing neutral, adding a sleek, modern finish that ties the vibrant colors together. This trio makes the Orioles’ visual identity striking and immediately recognizable to fans and players alike.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Black #000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 100
Orange #df4601 221 73 38 0 79 100 0 PMS 1655 C
Grey #a2aaad 162 170 173 21 11 9 23 PMS 429 C

The Baltimore Orioles logo is iconic, symbolizing the team’s heritage and their bold, competitive nature. The cap logo features a stylized Oriole bird in an aggressive stance, which captures the spirit of the bird and the team. The use of Orange and Black not only emphasizes aggression and energy but also makes the logo highly visible and impactful. Over the years, this logo has become a symbol of Baltimore’s baseball prowess and a badge of pride for fans and players alike.