Washington Nationals Team Colors

The Washington Nationals, an MLB team in Washington, D.C., wear the colors Red and Blue. These hues not only echo the American flag but also reflect the spirit and pride of the nation’s capital. The team’s colors are prominently displayed on their uniforms, logos, and gear, embodying the heritage and identity of Washington, D.C.

The Nationals’ use of Red signifies passion and excitement, which are key attributes of their game play, while Blue represents reliability and a calm strength, aligning with their composed and strategic approach to baseball. These colors combine to reflect both the vibrancy and the steadfast nature of the team and its fans.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Red #ab0003 170 30 34 0 100 63 12 PMS 200 C
Blue #212759 33 39 89 100 68 0 54 PMS 282 C

The Washington Nationals logo is a powerful symbol of their tenacity and connection to the U.S. capital. The logo prominently features the team’s initials “W” and “N” stylized in their characteristic Red and Blue colors, showcasing their energetic and resilient spirit. The use of the Capitol dome in some of their alternative logos highlights the team’s deep roots in Washington, D.C., and their role as the city’s representative in the national pastime of baseball. The combination of elements in the logo encapsulates the pride and tradition of the Nationals.