Tampa Bay Rays Team Colors

The Tampa Bay Rays, a Major League Baseball team in St. Petersburg, Florida, wear their signature colors of Navy Blue, Light Blue, and Yellow. Not only do these hues reflect the coastal and vibrant character of Tampa Bay, but they also create a striking appearance on their uniforms and merchandise, capturing the team’s dynamic and spirited ethos.

Navy Blue symbolizes the depth and sophistication of the ocean that borders Tampa Bay, while Light Blue reflects the clear skies and the waterfront’s serenity. Yellow offers a burst of energy and enthusiasm, mirroring the sun-drenched days that are typical of the area. These colors do more than shape the visual style of the Rays; they also amplify their appeal and presence, both on and off the field.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Navy Blue #092c5c 9 44 92 100 68 0 54 PMS 282 C
Light Blue #8fbce6 143 188 230 50 10 0 0 PMS 292 C
Yellow #f5d130 245 209 48 0 16 100 0 PMS 116 C

The Tampa Bay Rays logo incorporates their team colors creatively, emphasizing the energetic and youthful spirit of the team. The prominent ray of sunlight in the logo not only highlights the “Rays” in their name but also symbolizes the bright, optimistic future of the franchise. The use of Navy Blue speaks to the professionalism and authority of the team, Light Blue indicates the local waterfront culture, and Yellow sparks a sense of excitement and vibrancy, reflective of the team’s playing style.

The primary logo features a light blue “Rays” text with a yellow sunburst, which is modern and sleek, representing the team’s forward-thinking approach. The alternate logo incorporates a stylized ray with a baseball, blending the local marine life with the sport, illustrating the unique character and regional ties of the Rays.