Kansas City Royals Team Colors

The Kansas City Royals, operating out of Kansas City, Missouri, are celebrated for their iconic Royal Blue, Gold, and Powder Blue colors. These vibrant hues are a hallmark of the Royals’ identity, enriching their uniforms, logos, and merchandise with a distinct and appealing palette.

Royal Blue is the predominant color, symbolizing the regal heritage suggested by the team’s name, while Gold adds a touch of richness and class, and Powder Blue offers a refreshing contrast that completes this visually appealing combination. These colors are not just aesthetic choices but are steeped in the history and pride of the Kansas City Royals, making their games a colorful spectacle.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Royal Blue #174885 23 72 133 100 65 0 30 PMS 288 C
Gold #c0995a 192 153 90 30 40 70 0 PMS 872 C
Powder Blue #7bb2dd 123 178 221 60 19 1 4 PMS 542 C

The logo of the Kansas City Royals is emblematic of the team’s ethos and regional pride. Featuring a gold crown atop a shield with “Royals” scripted in Royal Blue, the logo is a nod to the city’s namesake, Kansas City’s royal heritage, and the sport itself. The use of a crown not only highlights the name but also reinforces the regal quality associated with their colors. The logo has evolved subtly over the years while maintaining these core elements, ensuring it remains a classic and recognizable symbol in Major League Baseball.