Houston Astros Team Colors

The Houston Astros, based in Houston, Texas, feature a vivid color scheme of Navy, Orange, Light Orange, and Gray. These colors not only form the team’s visual identity but also give their uniforms, logos, and merchandise a distinctive and attractive look.

Navy and Orange are the primary colors used by the Astros, symbolizing the team’s dynamic and energetic nature, while the additional shades of Light Orange and Gray provide depth and versatility to the color scheme. The combination of these colors is seen across all team branding, helping to establish a strong and recognizable presence both on and off the field.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Navy #002d62 30 49 96 100 68 0 54 PMS 282 C
Orange #eb6e1f 234 110 36 0 69 100 4 PMS 173 C
Light Orange #f4911e 229 114 0 0 51 100 1 PMS 152 C
Gray #e7e9ea 187 188 188 0 0 0 24

The Houston Astros’ logo captures the spirit of the team and its Houston heritage. The star in the logo represents Texas, the “Lone Star State,” while the orbiting baseball highlights Houston’s history with space exploration, home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The color navy signifies the depth and professionalism of the team, orange represents energy and enthusiasm, and gray stands for balance and a strong foundation. This logo has evolved over the years but continues to be a powerful symbol of the team’s ambition and connection to their roots.