Toronto Blue Jays Team Colors

The Toronto Blue Jays, a Major League Baseball team in Toronto, Ontario, are easily identified by their unique color palette of Royal Blue, Navy Blue, and Red. These hues not only underscore the team’s Canadian heritage but also give a vivid look to their gear and apparel.

Royal Blue signifies excellence and reliability, representing the team’s commitment to quality and performance on the baseball field. Navy Blue brings a depth and professionalism to the mix, while Red offers a bold contrast that energizes the team’s appearance.The combination of Royal Blue, Navy Blue, and Red forms a vibrant visual signature that distinguishes the Blue Jays within the league and represents their dynamic and competitive spirit.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Royal Blue #134a8e 18 75 141 100 81 13 3 PMS 293
Navy Blue #1d2d5c 30 46 92 100 68 0 54 PMS 282 C
Red #e8291c 231 44 37 0 100 63 12 PMS 485 C

The logo of the Toronto Blue Jays is dynamic and emblematic, reflecting the team’s spirit and geographical roots. The primary element, a stylized blue jay with a maple leaf, underscores the team’s Canadian identity, while the bold Red accentuates a sense of vigor and passion. This logo has evolved over the years but remains a powerful symbol that connects the team with its fans and represents its aspirations and achievements.