Cleveland Indians Team Colors

The Cleveland Guardians, formerly known as the Cleveland Indians and based in Cleveland, Ohio, wear Red and Navy Blue. These colors do more than just adorn their uniforms; they symbolize the team’s identity and heritage.

Red is a bold color often associated with energy, passion, and action, which resonates well with the dynamic nature of baseball. Navy Blue represents professionalism and reliability, echoing the team’s consistent performance and steadfast fanbase.

Color Codes

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Red #e31937 226 29 56 0 100 65 0 PMS 199 C
Navy Blue #1a2e5a 26 46 90 100 60 0 56 PMS 289 C

The Cleveland Indians logo is a classic emblem of American baseball. The use of a simple yet bold “C” in the logo stands for Cleveland, and is rendered in the team’s signature Red and Navy Blue colors, which pop against any background. This logo has undergone several iterations but always maintains the heritage and straightforward aesthetics that reflect the team’s enduring spirit and historical roots.