New York Mets Team Colors

The New York Mets, hailing from Queens, New York, are famous for their striking blue and orange uniforms. These colors represent the team’s lively identity and also pay tribute to New York City’s baseball history, drawing inspiration from the New York Giants’ orange and the Brooklyn Dodgers’ blue, both former National League teams.

The Mets’ blue and orange colors are not just integral to their uniforms, logos, and merchandise; they also embody the energy and spirit of the team and its fans. The blue signifies depth and stability, reflecting the heritage of the Brooklyn Dodgers, while the orange is bright and energetic, honoring the legacy of the New York Giants.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Blue #002d72 0 45 114 100 67 0 23 PMS 288 C
Orange #ff5910 255 89 16 0 63 91 0 PMS 1655 C

The New York Mets logo is steeped in the city’s baseball lore, effectively combining the team’s iconic colors and urban symbolism. The skyline in the logo represents New York City, underscored by a bridge that symbolizes the unity of the five boroughs. The baseball in the logo with the team’s script overlaid in orange on a blue background highlights the sport and its deep roots in the city’s history. The orange and blue color scheme is not only eye-catching but also rich with the heritage of New York’s National League baseball past, making the logo a powerful emblem of the team’s identity and aspirations.

This combination of vibrant colors and meaningful elements makes the Mets logo a symbol of both New York City’s sports culture and the spirited dynamism of its baseball. The emblem not only conveys the team’s past but also its forward-moving spirit, a beacon for fans and players alike.