Milwaukee Brewers Team Colors

The Milwaukee Brewers, a beloved Major League Baseball team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, proudly wear the colors Navy Blue and Gold. These colors are not just a style statement but are deeply embedded in the team’s identity, reflecting their spirit and heritage.

Navy Blue symbolizes professionalism, power, and reliability, characteristics that the Brewers strive to embody both on and off the field. Gold complements Navy Blue by adding a touch of excellence and quality, mirroring the high standards and aspirations of the team. These colors create a visual representation of the team’s pursuit of success and glory in the realm of baseball.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Navy Blue #0a2351 10 35 81 100 78 0 54 PMS 2767 C
Gold #b6922e 181 146 47 30 40 70 0 PMS 872 C

The Milwaukee Brewers logo has undergone several redesigns, each reflecting a new era for the team. The current logo is a modernized version of a classic, featuring a baseball mitt that forms the letters “m” and “b”. This clever design pays homage to the fundamental aspects of baseball while also incorporating the team’s initials subtly and effectively. The use of Navy Blue and Gold in the logo underscores the team’s colors with a stylish and contemporary twist, representing the Brewers’ dynamic and forward-thinking approach to the game.