Colorado Rockies Team Colors

The Colorado Rockies, based in Denver, Colorado, proudly display a unique color palette of Purple, Black, and Silver. These colors do more than distinguish their uniforms; they also pay tribute to the majestic Rocky Mountains, a central and defining feature of the Colorado landscape.

The Rockies’ color scheme is cleverly utilized across all team branding. Purple is the most dominant color, symbolizing the grandeur and majesty of the Rockies, while Black adds a touch of strength and elegance. Silver is used as an accent, providing a crisp, clean finish that connects to the metallic allure often associated with mountainous terrains. T

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Purple #33006f 55 36 107 90 99 0 8 PMS 2685 C
Black #000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 100
Silver #c4ced4 196 206 211 5 0 0 20 PMS 877 C

The Colorado Rockies logo is emblematic, encapsulating the spirit and natural beauty of Colorado. The primary logo features a mountain landscape, which is directly inspired by the Rocky Mountains, depicted in the team’s signature purple, adding a mystical and royal vibe. The use of black and silver in the logo provides a strong contrast, enhancing its visibility and impact. Over the years, the logo has evolved subtly but has always maintained the mountain motif, reinforcing the team’s identity and regional pride. The interlocking “CR” design not only stands for “Colorado Rockies” but also represents unity and teamwork, core values of the franchise.