Texas Rangers Team Colors

The Texas Rangers, located in Arlington, Texas, are celebrated for their striking Royal Blue and Red color scheme. These colors are a hallmark of their team uniforms and logos, encapsulating the spirit and enthusiasm of the Rangers and their fans.

Royal Blue and Red are prominently displayed across all Texas Rangers gear, from their game day uniforms to fan merchandise. Royal Blue represents loyalty and confidence, which mirrors the team’s philosophy and their commitment to the sport. The Red symbolizes energy, passion, and a deep-rooted connection with Texas, aligning with the state’s historical significance and the fiery enthusiasm of its people.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Royal Blue #003278 35 57 116 100 67 0 23 PMS 288 C
Red #c0111f 192 33 38 0 100 63 12 PMS 200 C

The Texas Rangers logo is a strong emblem of the team’s values and their Texan heritage. It prominently features a baseball laid over the state of Texas, encapsulated by the team’s name. The logo’s use of the Rangers’ red and royal blue colors not only boosts visibility and brand recognition but also highlights their dynamic and spirited ethos. The star on the logo positions the team within the Lone Star State, emphasizing their roots and commitment to Texas and its community of fans.

The primary logo, refined over the years, has evolved to become more contemporary while retaining its iconic elements that reflect the team’s tradition and ongoing quest for excellence. The cap logo, simpler in design, is effective for branding and is easily recognizable, making it a perfect symbol for fan apparel and other merchandise.