Los Angeles Dodgers Team Colors

The Los Angeles Dodgers, a key MLB team located in Los Angeles, California, are instantly recognizable by their classic Dodger Blue and Red color scheme. These colors are emblematic of the team’s identity and resonate deeply with fans and the community, representing passion, energy, and a rich tradition in baseball.

Dodger Blue, which is the primary color, stands for loyalty and trust—a fitting representation considering the Dodgers’ storied history and dedicated fan base. The Red adds a vibrant contrast, emphasizing excitement and intensity, which reflects the team’s dynamic play and spirited culture. These colors together form a visual identity that is both classic and bold, echoing the team’s approach to the game of baseball.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Dodger Blue #005a9c 0 90 156 100 58 100 21 PMS 294 C
Red #ef3e42 239 62 66 0 91 76 0 PMS 185 C

The Los Angeles Dodgers logo is iconic, reflecting the team’s long-standing heritage and commitment to baseball. The logo features “Dodgers” script in Dodger Blue, underscored by a shooting red streak, symbolizing speed and action. This emblem is not just a symbol of the team, but a representation of Los Angeles itself—a city known for its dynamic and forward-thinking spirit. The use of Dodger Blue and Red in the logo underscores the team’s identity and vibrancy, linking back to the colors’ symbolism of loyalty and passion.