Seattle Mariners Team Colors

The Seattle Mariners, established as an American professional baseball team in 1977, prominently wear colors that reflect the natural and industrial themes of the Pacific Northwest. Their color palette includes Navy Blue, Metallic Silver, Northwest Green, Mariners Yellow, and Cream. These colors do more than symbolize the team’s identity; they also pay homage to Seattle’s marine and forested environments, as well as its urban and technological scene.

Navy Blue symbolizes the maritime heritage, while Metallic Silver points to technological innovation, a key aspect of the region’s industry. Northwest Green evokes the lush forests surrounding Seattle, and Mariners Yellow brings a burst of energy and optimism, akin to Seattle’s occasional sunny days. The Cream color adds a classic, timeless element to the team’s visual identity, representing the historical context of baseball itself. These colors together make the Mariners’ uniforms and logos distinct and vibrant, echoing the spirit of Seattle.

Color Details

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Navy Blue #0c2c56 12 28 56 100 64 0 60 PMS 289 C
Metallic Silver #c4ced4 196 206 211 5 0 0 20 PMS 877 C
Northwest Green #005c5c 0 93 93 100 0 46 46
Mariners Yellow #ffc528 255 197 40 0 24 94 0 PMS 123 C
Cream #fff6dd 255 246 221 0 4 18 5 PMS 155 C

The Seattle Mariners logo has evolved significantly over the years but consistently features maritime symbols to highlight Seattle’s oceanic surroundings. The compass rose in the primary logo points to the adventurous spirit of the team and its navigation through the challenges of the sport. The use of Navy Blue, Metallic Silver, Northwest Green, Mariners Yellow, and Cream in the logo not only makes it vibrant and noticeable but also ties deeply with the team’s Pacific Northwest identity. The star in the logo, which points northwest, serves as a nod to Seattle’s geographical location and its pivotal role in the northwestern United States.