Miami Marlins Team Colors

The Miami Marlins, from Miami, Florida, proudly display a vibrant color palette of Black, Red-Orange, Blue, and Yellow. These colors not only embody the lively and dynamic spirit of Miami but also make the Marlins distinctive in professional baseball.

Each color in the Marlins’ scheme has its own significance: Black conveys the sophistication and depth of the ocean depths surrounding Miami; Red-Orange represents the fiery spirit and energy of the city; Blue signifies the vastness and serenity of the Miami seascape; and Yellow echoes the sunshine the state is known for.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Black #000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 100
Red-Orange #ff6600 242 103 34 0 75 90 0
Blue #0077c8 30 118 189 100 34 0 2 PMS 3005 C
Yellow #ffd100 254 209 7 0 10 100 0 PMS 109 C

The Miami Marlins logo is distinctive, encapsulating the team’s connection to the marine life and the culturally rich environment of Miami. The logo features a marlin leaping over a stylized art deco-inspired baseball, conveying motion and energy. The marlin is a symbol of agility and speed, aligning with the attributes of the baseball team. The choice of colors in the logo—Black, Red-Orange, Blue, Yellow—reflects the vibrancy and dynamic nature of Miami, resonating with the spirit of the city and its passion for the game.