Minnesota Twins Team Colors

The Minnesota Twins, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, don vibrant Navy Blue, Scarlet Red, and Minnesota Kasota Gold. These colors are more than just uniform details; they encapsulate the team’s identity and heritage.

Navy Blue signifies the strength and resilience of the team, Scarlet Red injects energy and passion, symbolizing the fervor and enthusiasm of both the players and the fans. The unique Minnesota Kasota Gold pays homage to the local Kasota stone, symbolizing the natural wealth and beauty of Minnesota.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Navy Blue #002b5c 26 46 90 100 64 0 60 PMS 289 C
Scarlet Red #d31145 211 30 71 0 100 63 12 PMS 200 C
Minnesota Kasota Gold #cfac7a 207 172 122 20 32 58 0

The Minnesota Twins logo features a bold “TC” which stands for “Twin Cities”, emphasizing the team’s representation of both Minneapolis and St. Paul. The logo cleverly integrates the team’s colors; Navy Blue and Scarlet Red dominate the emblem, while Minnesota Kasota Gold subtly enhances its features, adding a touch of elegance and local flair. Over the years, the logo has evolved but continues to symbolize the unity and pride of the Twin Cities, capturing the essence of Minnesota’s baseball spirit and cultural heritage.