Atlanta Hawks Team Colors

The Atlanta Hawks NBA team features a color scheme and logo that reflect the city’s history and identity. The Hawks’ primary colors are Torch Red, Volt Green, and Georgia Granite Gray. Torch Red calls to mind the city’s burning and rise from the ashes after the Civil War. Volt Green evokes the lush vegetation of the South, while Granite Gray represents the stonework and determination of Atlantans.

The logo featuring a hawk in flight captures the swiftness and intensity the team brings to the court. With wings outstretched over a basketball, the hawk symbolizes the team’s aggressive and skillful play. The hawk also echoes the many hawks and other raptors found throughout Georgia. Through their visual branding, the Atlanta Hawks incorporate iconic elements of their home city and state. The colors and symbols at once celebrate Atlanta’s storied past and dynamic present.

Color Name Color Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Torch Red #C8102E 200, 16, 46 15, 100, 91, 5 86 C
Legacy Yellow #FDB927 253, 185, 39 0, 30, 95, 0 7409 C
Black #000000 6, 25, 34 30, 0, 0, 100 Black C
Granite Gray #9EA2A2 158, 162, 162 41, 31, 32, 1 422 C
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255 0, 0, 0, 0 White C

This is the logo of the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA basketball team, which is rendered in a striking red and white color palette. The red, vibrant and commanding, is often associated with energy, strength, and determination, reflecting the Hawks’ dynamic playstyle and fierce competitive spirit. White, used for the text and detailing, stands for purity and excellence, emphasizing clarity and focus, which are essential to the team’s ethos.

At the heart of the logo is the stylized profile of a hawk, which is both the team’s namesake and mascot. The hawk’s head is depicted in a minimalist and abstract manner, with its beak open as if in a battle cry, symbolizing aggression and the predatory nature of the team when in contest. The circular motif represents unity and totality, encapsulating the complete effort the team aims to put forth in every game.

Surrounding the hawk are the words “Atlanta Hawks Basketball” in bold, capitalized font, making a clear statement of the team’s identity. This text is enclosed within a ring, suggesting the cohesion and unity of the team and its community. The entire logo, with its crisp lines and bold colors, communicates the Atlanta Hawks’ strong identity and the pride they carry into each game.

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