Orlando Magic Team Colors

The Orlando Magic, an established NBA team based in Orlando, Florida, features a striking color palette of Blue, Black, and Silver. These colors are not only emblematic of the team’s identity but also represent a mix of tradition, power, and a futuristic outlook.

Blue is the primary color of the Magic, signifying loyalty and confidence. It’s complemented by Black, adding a sense of strength and sophistication, while Silver introduces a modern, cutting-edge feel. Together, these colors encapsulate the team’s dynamic spirit and commitment to excellence, making their visual identity memorable in the world of basketball.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Blue #0077c0 0 125 197 100 40 0 0 PMS 2935 C
Black #000000 6 25 34 30 0 0 100 PMS Black C
Silver #c4ced4 196 206 211 5 0 0 20 PMS 877 C

The Orlando Magic logo is a powerful symbol of the team’s identity and aspirations. It features a basketball adorned with star trails, representing the magic and entertainment of the game and the city’s connection to the space industry. The combination of Blue, Black, and Silver in the logo reflects the team’s colors, symbolizing depth, power, and innovation. Over the years, the logo has evolved but always remained true to these core themes, symbolizing the team’s ambition to captivate fans and excel in the league.