Golden State Warriors Team Colors

The Golden State Warriors have a rich history that is reflected in their team colors: royal blue, California golden yellow, and slate blue. Royal blue represents the bay and the team’s connection to the water, while California golden yellow symbolizes the sunshine and optimism of the state. Slate blue is a more recent addition to the color scheme, added to give the team a more modern feel.

The original Warriors logo, introduced in 1966, featured a cartoonish illustration of a Native American in a blue and yellow headdress. Although the logo has undergone several changes over the years, the color scheme has remained consistent. In 2010, the team updated their logo to a more modern design, featuring a sleeker, more abstract representation of a warrior’s shield. The new design maintained the blue and yellow color scheme, while introducing slate blue as a new accent color.

The Warriors’ use of blue and yellow has become synonymous with the team’s identity and connection to the state of California. The colors are often seen in fan gear and merchandise, and the team’s home court, Chase Center, features large panels of blue and yellow that reflect the team’s colors. The Warriors’ bold and vibrant color scheme has become a symbol of the team’s spirit and pride, representing their rich history and commitment to excellence. As an NBA franchise, the Golden State Warriors’ color scheme has become an integral part of their brand and identity, connecting them to their fans and the state they call home.

Color Name Color Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Warriors Blue #1D428A 29, 66, 138 79, 52, 0, 46 282 C
Golden Yellow #FFC72C 255, 199, 44 0, 22, 91, 0 123 C
Slate Blue #6A5ACD 106, 90, 205 77, 77, 77, 77 432 C

The two logos below are variations of the Golden State Warriors’ emblem. Both feature a rendition of the iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge.

In the first logo, the bridge is centered within a blue circle bordered by a thicker yellow outline. The words “GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS” encircle the top half of the bridge, following the curvature of the circle in a bold, uppercase font. The color scheme is predominantly blue and yellow.

The second logo simplifies the design, focusing solely on the inner circle of the first logo without any text. It features the bridge in a similar style but encased in a yellow circle, creating a compact and clean icon, with the same blue and yellow color theme.

Both designs reflect the team’s branding and are easily recognizable symbols associated with the professional basketball team from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Warriors Logo 1 Warriors Logo 2