New Orleans Pelicans Team Colors

The New Orleans Pelicans, an NBA team based in New Orleans, Louisiana, are recognized for their distinctive color scheme which includes Navy Blue, Gold, and Red. These colors reflect the team’s vibrant identity and cultural heritage, with each hue adding to the overall representation of the team’s spirit and aspirations.

Navy Blue signifies strength and reliability, mirroring the team’s resilience on the court. Gold represents excellence and high quality, embodying the Pelicans’ ambition for success. Red adds intensity and passion, showcasing the team’s energetic and competitive nature. Together, these colors create a visually striking identity for the Pelicans, making them stand out in the league.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Navy Blue #002b5c 0 43 92 100 64 0 60 PMS 289 C
Gold #b4975a 180 151 90 20 30 70 15 PMS 872 C
Red #e31837 227 24 55 0 100 81 4 PMS 186 C

The New Orleans Pelicans’ logo is a powerful symbol of the team’s identity, incorporating their primary colors of Navy Blue, Gold, and Red to communicate strength, excellence, and passion. Featuring a pelican, Louisiana’s state bird, the logo embodies resilience and community spirit, with the bird protectively wrapping its wings around a basketball. This design reflects the team’s commitment to their city and their sport. The use of vibrant colors and dynamic imagery in the logo perfectly captures the essence of the Pelicans and their connection to New Orleans.