Milwaukee Bucks Team Colors

The Milwaukee Bucks, a renowned NBA team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are recognized for their distinctive color palette that includes Good Land Green, Cream City Cream, Great Lakes Blue, and Black. These colors not only symbolize the team’s identity but also pay homage to the natural beauty and history of Milwaukee and its surroundings.

Good Land Green represents the lush landscapes of Wisconsin, while Cream City Cream nods to the historic cream-colored brick buildings that are a staple of Milwaukee’s architecture. Great Lakes Blue reflects the proximity and significance of the Great Lakes to the city, and Black adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the Bucks’ visual identity. Together, these colors encapsulate the spirit and heritage of the Milwaukee Bucks and their connection to their community.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Good Land Green #00471b 0 71 27 80 0 90 75 PMS 350 C
Cream City Cream #eee1c6 240 235 210 6 9 23 0 PMS 350 C
Great Lakes Blue #0077c0 0 125 197 100 45 0 0 PMS 468 C
Black #000000 6 25 34 20 20 20 100 PMS 2935 C

The Milwaukee Bucks logo captures the team’s fighting spirit and connection to nature, featuring a forward-looking deer as a symbol of agility and strength. The logo utilizes the team’s color scheme effectively, with Good Land Green dominating the palette, symbolizing growth and renewal. Cream City Cream and Great Lakes Blue accents add depth and highlight Milwaukee’s unique architectural and geographical features. The Bucks’ logo, with its modern design and clever use of colors, represents the team’s dynamic presence in the NBA and its deep roots in the Milwaukee community.