Chicago Bulls Team Colors

The Chicago Bulls are instantly recognizable by their iconic team colors of red and black. Since 1966, the Bulls have sported a clean, classic color scheme that reflects the traditions and spirit of Chicago. The team’s home jerseys display bold red, conjuring images of strength, power, and passion. This primary color represents the burning competitive fire within every Bulls player. Black trim provides a contrasting frame while also symbolizing determination and drive. Away jerseys reverse the scheme to black with red accents. The timeless red and black motif endures through eras as a staple Bulls aesthetic. These commanding team colors help make the Bulls one of the most legendary franchises in basketball, easy to spot on any court across the league. The Bulls’ red and black evokes the toughness and grit of the city they proudly represent. The iconic duo is recognized around the world as the palette of Chicago basketball.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Red #ce1141 206 17 65 0 100 65 15 PMS 200 C
Black #000000 6 25 34 30 0 0 100 PMS Black C

The Chicago Bulls logo is like a badge of honor that shouts Chicago pride. Dreamt up by a guy named Dean Wessel back in ’66, it’s this tough-looking bull that hasn’t changed much since it first showed up. It’s all about showing off the team’s grit and no-quit attitude. The red color isn’t just for show—it’s about that raw energy and heat the team brings to the game. The black? It’s there to make the red stand out even more and add a bit of cool to the heat.

This logo is more than just a sports thing; it’s tied to Chicago’s past, back when the city was big on meatpacking. It’s a nod to that history, making it a symbol that’s all about Chicago. It’s got a reputation for being tough and never backing down, just like the basketball team. And sticking to one logo for so long? That’s rare and shows how much it means to them and the fans. It’s a classic, no need to mess with it