Dallas Mavericks Team Colors

The Dallas Mavericks make a bold statement on the court with their electric team colors of royal blue, navy, silver, and white. When the franchise debuted in 1980, the primary royal blue stood out as a vibrant base. Navy blue added contrast and depth as a secondary color. Metallic silver provided a sleek, futuristic look to represent Mavericks innovation and pride in Texas roots. White balanced the darker tones. The royal blue home jerseys quickly became a fan favorite, showcasing the Mavericks’ energy and spirit. Over the years, the team has introduced alternate black, green, and gray uniforms as well. But the original royal blue palette remains the heart of the Mavericks brand. The electric colors reflect the high-flying, fast-paced basketball that Dallas plays. Beyond the court, they unite fans across the city. The Mavericks’ eye-catching colors are an integral part of the team’s identity as a bold, trailblazing franchise in the NBA.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Royal Blue #0053bc 0 83 188 100 62 0 0 PMS 2388 C
Navy Blue #00285e 0 40 94 100 64 0 60 PMS 289 C
Silver #bbc4ca 187 196 202 5 0 0 25 PMS 877 C
Black #000000 6 25 34 30 0 0 100 PMS Black C

The Dallas Mavericks logo has changed a few times since the team started in 1980. The early logo had a big blue “M” with a cowboy hat, but in 2002, it got a big makeover. Now, it’s got a silver shield with a star, a basketball, and a horse’s head, plus the team’s name. The horse stands for strength and the independent spirit of a maverick. The colors—royal blue, navy blue, silver, and black—each add their own meaning, like trust, victory, style, and power. Mark Cuban, the owner, was behind the redesign, wanting something that went well with jeans. Since 2018, the colors are a bit tweaked, but the design has stayed the same.

Mavericks Logo 1 Mavericks Logo 2