Memphis Grizzlies Team Colors

The Memphis Grizzlies, a professional basketball team based in Memphis, Tennessee, showcase their spirit and identity through their distinct color palette of Grizzlies Blue, Navy, Gray, and Yellow. These colors not only represent the team on the court but also embody the energy, strength, and resilience of the Grizzlies both in and out of the game.

The combination of Grizzlies Blue, Navy, Gray, and Yellow in their uniforms and branding elements reflects a mix of tradition, power, and vibrancy. Grizzlies Blue and Navy provide a solid, authoritative base, symbolizing depth and stability. Gray adds a neutral balance, representing the team’s resilience and determination. The pop of Yellow brings energy and optimism, highlighting the Grizzlies’ dynamic and spirited nature. Together, these colors encapsulate the essence of the Memphis Grizzlies’ identity and their commitment to excellence.

Color Preview Hex RGB CMYK Pantone
Grizzlies Blue #5d76a9 93 118 169 64 68 7 2 PMS 652 C
Grizzlies Navy #12173f 18 23 63 100 84 45 50 PMS 289 C
Grizzlies Gray #707271 112 114 113 30 20 19 58 PMS 424 C
Grizzlies Yellow #f5b112 245 177 18 0 23 91 0 PMS 123 C

The Memphis Grizzlies logo is a powerful symbol of the team’s spirit, featuring a fierce bear ready for action, which embodies the team’s resilience and fighting spirit. The logo utilizes the team’s official colors to represent its identity and core values. The bear, an emblem of strength and tenacity, is set against a backdrop of the team’s colors, creating a dynamic and visually striking emblem. The design reflects the team’s dedication to their home city and their commitment to bringing their best to the game, symbolizing a deep connection between the team and the Memphis community.